Say what you want about Andy but...

Man this guy can find excelent value in draft picks. I mean, aside from a couple of first round busts, he certainly has a gift for finding great guys with low picks.

I really don't feel like making the actual research, that i'll leave up to you, but here are a couple of examples. I'll just mention guys that are still on the team:

1) DeSean Jackson: 49th pick of the 2008 draft (2nd round) WR Cal. I know the second round isn't exactly a bad pick but look at all the receivers that were taken at this particular year and round. (see redskins wonderful trio) and honestly tell me he hasn't been worth a hell of a lo more than that.  900+ receiving yards as a rookie and 3 touchdowns (1 from an 85 punt return) in three games this season, this kid is going to be a monster.

2) Brent Celek: 162nd pick of 2007 draft (fifth round) TE Cincinnati.  This guy has been an absolute monster since the start of the playoffs last season and he is looking even better every week. already has two touchdowns and 2 100 yard games. Also he´s  been the definition of a warrior this season, dragging defenders for first dows and refusing to g o down every play. To think we franchised LJ last season.

3) Jason Avant: 109th pick of the 2006 draft (fourth round) TE Michigan. Great hands, great routes, great attitude, the most reliable receiver on this team for now, period.

4) Brian Westbrook:pick 91 of the 2002 draft (third round) RB Villanova. well... you know.

5) Trent Cole: 138th pick of the 2005 draft (fifth round) DE Cincinnati. This guy has been one of the cornerstones of the eagles D. Recording about 37 sacks. Always plays with a high motor and is the only Dlineman that goes for pretty much the whole game. And the very best thing about this guy is we got this pick from Washington, in trade for.... wait for it... yes, Mister James Thrash.

6) Stewart Bradley: 87th pick of the 2007 draft  (third round) LB Nebraska. He was a monster in the middle of the eadles defense (lead the eagles in tackles i think?) and was en route to probably a pro bowl season before he injured his knee.

7) Sheldon Brown: 58th pick of the 2002 draft (second round) CB South Carolina. I don´t know if many will agree with me here, but I just love this guy. He is as hard hitting as they come in his position, and is also a great cover corner.

Stock Rising: Kevin Kolb and Lesean Mccoy (both 2nd rounders) have started the season impressing a lot of eagles fans, and S Macho Harris (5th round) has had a pretty good start, nothing to really talk about, which i think is the best thing to expect from a  5th round rookie converted CB.. here's to hoping they keep on... keeping on.

Honorable Mention: Quintin Mikell UFA SS Boise St. this guy is everything you want in a player, 2nd team All-Pro last season, and he came cheap!

Well, thats my two cents. I know I probably left out a lot of names but feel free to contribute and/or refute any of my opinions.

So who do you think is the best pick for his value in the AR era?

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