A good look at the team, and it's future...

Weaknesses on this team? I suppose one could say linebacker, and maybe some lack of depth at saftey. We have consistantly drafted so well, that there are very few things I think the Eagles will need to improve upon in the near future. Having a record holding QB as our #2, and future of the francise, is more than great.  We saw the depth of our RB and WR positions today. We saw Brent Celek continue his domination on the field (he is on pace to finish the year with 117 catches, 1307 yards, 11 TDs), along with DeSean proving himself as THE premier young wideout in the game.

Next years free agents will be:

QB Jeff Garcia (well, he's getting cut in the next few days...but w/e)

FB/RB Leonard Weaver (we have to resign him, although, he isn't doing as much as I thought he would)

WR Jason Avant (must have his contract one of the best possession recievers in the game)

TE Alex Smith (we'll see where Cornelius is in his rehab, but if he is ready to's been fun, Alex..)

RT Winston Justice (I cannot beleive it, but we need to resign him. Unless Shawn comes back..again..and is actually dependable...which he won't be...Justice has been our guy at RT, and done one helluva job)

OG Max Jean-Gilles (not really important that we extend him, because the coaches like Mike McGlynn and his flexibility to play all positions on the line, save for Left Tackle.)

OG/C Nick Cole (he will hit free agency and sign somewhere as a starter. No questions asked.)

SLB Chris Gocong (Restricted free agent...I'm not sure what we'll tender him...depends how he plays down the line this year)

WLB Akeem Jordan (Restricted free one will pick up the 2nd and 5th round tender we'll put on him)

WLB Tracey White (a good special teams player, but nothing special otherwise)

MLB/WLB Omar Gaither (Depends on Big Stew's recovery..if 55 is good to go by next year, OG is gone, probably to a 3-4 team where he'll actually utilize his skills as a Will Inside LB)

CB Ellis Hobbs (he gets burnt so much...I don't want him back, and he's not that special returning kicks)

SS Sean Jones (he's been ok on special teams..but isn't anything special elsewhere..he even took a paycut to make the team this year)


Probable 2010 Cuts:

WR Kevin Curtis (his salary is going to jump up by 3 million dollars, and we all saw what Maclin can do)

WR Reggie Brown (his cap number is fairly consistant for the remainder of his extension, but we really don't need him at that price, considering a rookie (or Brandon Gibson) would put out similar numbers)


Possible 2010 Cuts:

DE Juqua Parker

DE Darren Howard



Shawn Andrews (The Enigma...will he be back? Can he play? Will he last? Does Andy care at this point? What about Stacy? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????)


Thus, we are left with a possible holes at RT, MLB (depending on Stew), WLB, SLB, OG, CB, S, and WR


Every thing else: Good as Gold


Probable Extensions/Resignings in the next year:

QB Kevin Kolb: He is gonna be here for a looong time...will probably get extended next year at the bye week.

FB/RB Leonard Weaver: I want the Weave here for the rest of his career.

WR DeSean Jackson: He is vastly outplaying his rookie deal, and will get the top dollar he desereves...again, next year at the bye would make sense.

TE Brent Celek: A free agent in 2010, I bet we try to extend him till 2017, before he gets the attention of the league and realizes the money he could make in free agency. We will extend him, this year.

DT Broderick Bunkley: He will get paid, big bucks.

WLB Akeem Jordan: Hey, he is always around the ball. Not the surest tackler, but he will make some plays.

SS Quinton Mikell: He will get a fresh 3 or 4 year deal to keep him here until he loses his speed.

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