GCobb aggrees with our Wildcat Explanation. (Maybe he reads our blog)

Today I went over to GCobb, and found the story below. Please keep in mind that he writes this post when most of the media is calling for Andy's head, saying the "Wildcat" is a "Gimmick" or a "Trick Play".


We had a post earlier this week dispelling that myth, explaining how the wildcat affords an extra blocker, and gives the Eagles running back some space to run. The Wildcat is in essence a running formation, not a "Gimmick". We ran that post when everyone else was killing the formation and asking for less of it.  Please consider how most NFL defenses have taken away our screen passes, as that was Andy's way of running the ball, but now the Wildcat is its replacement.

We basically went against popular opinion is accepting the true essence of the wildcat for what is was, a running play. Now GCobb is asking his fans to change their mindsets on the Wildcat. Sounds fishy to me.


So GCobb, if you are reading this, I aint mad at you brother. Thanks for spreading the word.

Wildcat Formation Is A Replacement For Running Game

I think we all have to change our thinking about the Eagles use of the Wildcat offense.  It is nothing but a replacement of their running game which is struggling.   It's simple.  The Wildcat gives you an extra blocker, which can make a big difference.

Andy Reid said they averaged 5.7 yards per carry out of the Wildcat but I know they didn't do anything trying to run the ball from regular formations.

They sidelined the Wildcat in the second half of the New Orleans game because the two turnovers to begin the second half forced them into a throwing mode.  

This week they will let Michael Vick throw abit out of the formation but it's mainly a running formation.

With a banged up Brian Westbrook and an offensive line that is hurting, Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg are happy to get that production on the ground.

The offensive line they're playing with is a second-string line.  Winston Justice, Max Jean-Gilles and Nick Cole aren't really starters.   

On regular formations, the quarterback hands the ball off and stands there and watches the play.  He is virtually useless in regular formations on running plays.

The Wildcat formation gives an offense an extra blocker with the quarterback running with the football.   

You can believe that the Birds are going to use it in the red zone.  Those running backs can be utilized as extra blockers and that's a big deal any where on the field but especially on short yardage or in the red zone.  

I can see what they're thinking because if Donovan McNabb was playing quarterback and he handed the ball off, what's the big deal whether he's handing the ball off, lined up outside or standing on the sideline.  

They're still running with the football..  I think it makes sense when you look at it that way.

Why would the quarterback care whether he is handing the ball off or not if it's a running play?


Written by Garry Cobb    Wednesday, 23 September 2009 04:42   



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