The Linc - Let's do the Lito shuffle one more time...

Starters to Get One Series Against Philly - Gang Green Nation
The Jets' starters will probably get one more series than the Eagles' starters will...

Jackson the anchor of Eagles' line | | The News Journal
The leader of the Eagles' offensive line, Donovan McNabb pointed out Monday, bears the responsibility of getting all five starters on the same page. But as he spoke optimistically about Shawn Andrews' recent return to practice and having four of his five protectors back on the field for the first time, McNabb also singled out Jamaal Jackson as the unit's leader.

Reid addresses his future | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/01/2009
"I told my wife, we have a little beach house where we sneak out there for a week or two during the summer, the day that I can’t leave [to return to work] is the day that it’s time to hang it up," Reid said. "Up to this point, I’ve been as fired up to get back as ever. As long as I have that energy and that feeling, I will coach. I haven’t really thought about the alternative. I love Philadelphia. I'm very proud to be the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles."

McNabb supports Eagles using Wildcat, Vick | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/01/2009
While his message came across loud and clear to most of the reporters who attended his news conference at the NovaCare Complex, something obviously got lost in the translation by some of the national media outlets that aren't as fluent in McNabb-ese as those of us who have been covering him for a while.

Didinger's Top Five Eagles Running Backs
Each Tuesday until the start of the regular season, Ray Didinger will give his rankings of the top five players in Eagles history, position by position. Today, the top five running backs.

More after the jump including news on Osi Umenyoria's temper tantrum, NFC East backups, the Eagles CB situation, and how our old pal Lito Sheppard is faring with the Jets.

Eagles still have duel at cornerback | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/01/2009
Brown and Hobbs want to make a lot more money in the near future. Only one is likely to be in the starting lineup when the season opens Sept. 13 in Carolina. Lito Sheppard struggling in New York
...the first-year Jet took it all in stride, despite the fact that he was thrown at nine times by the Giants, and nailed twice for pass interference. The Giants apparently weren’t interested in his résumé, which features two Pro Bowl appearances, and wanted to stay away from rising star Darrelle Revis at the other corner.

Umenyiora: I made a 'very bad moral decision' - NFC East - ESPN
New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora spoke to reporters Tuesday for the first time since he skipped out on practice Monday without offering the club an explanation. Before Umenyiora spoke today, coach Tom Coughlin indicated that he was putting the situation behind him. He also said the any potential punishment for Umenyiora would stay between them.

Ranking the Beast backups - NFC East - ESPN
I don't necessarily think the Eagles made a wise decision in signing social reformer/Wildcat quarterback Michael Vick, but he'll immediately become the best backup in the division once he's fully reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Who are defensive coordinators more worried about? Jon Kitna or Vick? See.

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