Who do we love to hate?

My cousin and I were discussing this the other day.  Just for fun, we were trying to come up with the players over the last decade or so that were just fun to hate for no other reason than the fact that they were good players that didn't play for the Eagles.  Here's what we came up with and why.


10.  Peyton Manning;   He doesn't play in our conference so we don't run into him much, but this guy just tears us up every time we play.  My cuz has gone on record to say that he would sell his soul to the devil for Manning to suffer a career ending injury.  I'm not quite as harsh, but I hate him too.

9.  Michael Strahan;  Tormented the Eagles (especially Runyan) for years.  Talked trash which made it worse.  One of my favorite moments was watching him walk off the field in disgust after being dismantled by the Ravens in the 2001 Super Bowl.  Pained me deeply to see this guy finally get his Super Bowl ring two years ago.  Absolutely, positively COULD NOT STAND that gap in his teeth.  Wanted to punch his face just for that.

8.  Michael Irvin;  I never wish injury on any player, but put another way, I was quick to forgive Timmy Haulk for ending his career.  His signiture first down signal every time he made one used to eat at me.  Pissed me off that he got into the Hall, although I kinda figured it would happen. 

7.  Troy Polamalu;  AFC guy never did much to the Eagles, but he's my brother's (Steeler fan) favorite player so we hate him for that.  Seriously, heritage or not, dude needs to find his way to the barber and tell him that he's sick of looking like an asshole.

6.  Terrell Owens;  He goes on here based not what he did in Philly, but what he did in San Francisco.  I couldn't stand him playing for the 49ers, and I actually used to feel sorry for Jeff Garcia being forced to go to work with such an ass.....but I mellowed when he came to Philly.  I confess that I, for some unknown reason, have a very small soft spot for him, even today.  Don't ask, I myself can't figure it out.

5.  Jeremy Shockey;  He doesn't bother me anymore, but I positively couldn't stand the sight of him in his first two years in the league.  He was really good and extremely cocky, and I almost broke my TV set when he wrestled that TD catch away from Dawkins in the end zone and taunted Dawk after it.  I'm glad he's in New Orleans.  One of my fondest moments was when Roy Williams of the Cowboys absolutely laid him out on a hit over the middle and Shockey was laying on the field for a few.  About the only time you'll ever hear me praise Roy Williams.

4.  Hines Ward;  Cheap shot king of the NFL.  Wasn't a game breaker, but he was tough and gritty.  Absolutely loved seeing him cry when the Steelers lost the AFC title game to the Pats in '05.  Too bad he got his ring the next year. 

3.  Tim Tebow;  Yes, I know he's still in college....but there is no player I can ever remember in the college ranks who I wanted to see come into the NFL and get his head taken off more than him.  I dunno, maybe its because he's such a goody goody rich kid.  Seriously, nothing would make my day more than watching this kid completely suck in the NFL and have his face smashed in the process.

2.  Keyshawn Johnson;  Hated him from the time he scored his first TD, when he took his helmet off and taunted everyone on the field.   He was the greatest receiver of all his opinion.  Might have been the most overrated player in the NFL.  Tampa traded two first rounders to the Jets to get him, and in return they got the most expensive decoy in league history.  He's still running his mouth, but I guess thats what he's paid for now.

1.  Erik Williams;   He was the dirtiest player I ever saw (IMO).  Made a living using hands to the face and throat, which because of him was outlawed.  More than once I've seen him take a shot to the side of a defensive end's knee if he got around him.  He did this one time to a Green Bay player and blew the guy's knee out....and afterwards taunted him!  The following year was involved in a near fatal car accident, which prompted my late grandfather to say the absolute funniest thing I ever heard....  "Damn you karma, you needed to work a little harder on that one"

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