What did you think of the game???

I have been off this site for a while now, school just started along with football.. First off I want to know what you thought of the Game last night against the Jags. Who do you feel did good? Who do you fell did bad? Who do you think gained/lost a roster spot... Anything including the inquireing of our recievers...


But before you answer all these here is what I though:

It was a win so now at least we dont go into the last preseason game saying "we have to win it". But I did see alot of good come of it, wins like that bring teams together and no matter if it was a bad performance or a good one it makes them feel good... even for a preseason game.

I thing the Defense did pretty well early but started to fade late. Trent Cole is in for a very very good year, he was all over Garrard. In fact the entire D-line did very well early. Our linebackers were OK. Gocong did pretty well, he had a good hit near the goal line when Hobb's hit and bounced off the reciever, and as usual he didnt do anything to hurt us. Akeem Jordan played well to from what I saw, he had a couple of good tackles. May's really is starting to concern me, I saw countless times when he couldnt get to the ball, I understand he's only in his second year and stuff but I saw him get pancaked a few times when he could've gotten to the ball, he's just trying to go after the ball instead of actually playing if you know what I mean. I didnt see much of Gaither so im assuming he was either hurt or just not messing up. And the DB's played pretty well too. Asante did what Asante does (or ADWAD for short) and Hobb's was "ok" which is all we need him to be as a fill in.. I want brown back and happy though.

The running game was ok for a preseason game. McCoy showed flashes of brilliance and had a rookie mistake if you count that fumble return on him. Over all he did pretty good in my opinion, he will progress with expirience. Booker is just a joke as usual. Buckley once again did ok which is about 400x better than booker.

McNabb looked a little distracted out there, some of his passes were just floaters when he should have bulleted them. He also had a few mistakes but its only preseason and he better get those under control. Otherwise I felt when he got on a roll he did very well.

The wide recievers looked pretty good too. Jackson did pretty well and had some good catches. Maclin looked pretty good as well, he had a few good catches and made some plays. Gibson had that good sideline catch which kept that last drive moving. Baskett and Brown did well too. Curtis concerns me here, I didnt really see anything exciting out of him. As of right now I think Brown, baskett or curtis will get traded(if we were to trade a WR of coarse) and I think Gibson should get more playing time because he has some skills. And Avant was a monster, he is going to be great this year.

The O-line didnt look bad, Peters had 1 false start but overall (considering the situation) we didnt look that bad, our misfit, thrown-together, 3rd sting O-line looked better than the Jag's 1st string O-line.

McDermott did a good job last night, he call the right blitz's at the right time, got pressure on the QB and stumped the run early with the starters. He is still learning, he will improve as the season progress's and all but that 1 long drive the Jag's had he was great.

Lets talk about Vick. I'm glad to see he can still throw and that he actually had some patience in the pocket instead of freaking out and running when a WR wasnt open right off the line. He had a great completion to Baskett for a 1st down and showed he still had an arm. I want to see his accuracy though although complaring his mechanics now to when he was at ATL he has definantly gotten better. I would like to see him maybe get a designed run or some base package option play's just to keep the opposing Defense honest. All in all it was a good first game for him.

 Ah and finally lets talk about Kolb. In my opinion he did very well, sure he had the intentional grounding penalty but he came back out and responded well. He also drove down the field and won us the game. You can knock him all you want for leaving 15sec for David to kick a FG but the Jag's didnt pull a miracle out of there asses so why attack him for something that didnt go bad.

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