The Linc - How long does it take you to make 100k?

Max Jean-Gilles Official Website
Max Jean-Gilles is back with another blog on his site, this time about how Michael Vick is "just one of the guys." - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Radio Wars! 950 vs. 610 Bar Room Style
The local Philly sports stations seem to be settling their differences in true Philly sports style.

Eagles asking groups to call off rally for Vick - NFC East - ESPN
In an effort to prevent a potentially "ugly scene" outside Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles have asked the leaders of several local civil rights groups to cancel a Thursday rally in support of quarterback Michael Vick, according to ESPN's Sal Paolantonio.

Which Eagles will make the cut? |
Let’s take a position by position look at what players are in, which ones are out and which ones are still battling. The number in parenthesis is the likely amount the team will keep at that position.

Kevin Curtis is wearing a sleeve on his left knee and coach Andy Reid admitted recently that his starting wide receiver had some minor swelling there.

How Long Does It Take an Athlete to Make 100 Grand? -

According to the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, it takes an average U.S. citizen a shade under four years to earn $100,000. Alex Rodriguez does it in six pitches.

Much more after the jump the Wildcat, Vick vs Favre, another coach gets testy over injuries, & the end of the general sports columnist.

Double Coverage: Vick vs. Favre - NFC East - ESPN
In this week's ground-breaking Double Coverage feature, we take a look at quarterbacks Brett Favre and Michael Vick. Which player will have the biggest impact on his team?

Coughlin getting testy about injuries - NFC East - ESPN
Next time the local media starts up the righteous indignation over the way Andy Reid discusses injuries... remember that all NFL head coaches are that way.

Here comes the WildVick formation | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/25/2009
Reid said the starters are scheduled to play the first three quarters and that Kevin Kolb would be the quarterback in the fourth quarter. He didn't say that Vick will play quarterback at all, which means his playing time could come exclusively in the Wildcat formation. Asked if he'd have any problem showing the Wildcat formation in a preseason game, Reid said he would not.

Stiles Points - "So let it be written, so let it be done": Tony Dungy - others who St. Tony can help
Who else in the NFL can Tony Dungy help?

NFL Preseason Preview - Jacksonville (0-2) at Philadelphia (0-2) - Football - Belleville News-Democrat
Michael Vick is expected to make his much-anticipated return to the National Football League on Thursday night, when Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles play host to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the third preseason game for each team. | NFL preview: Philadelphia Eagles
I'm picking three teams to finish at 10-6 in the NFC East, and because I think the Eagles are best equipped to win the most games against New York and Washington, I'm picking them to win the tiebreakers and the division.

For the Old-Fashioned Sports Columnist, It's Game Over | The New York Observer
Interesting piece about newspapers moving away from general sports columnists and focusing team specific beat writers. Focusing everything on team specific coverage, wonder where they got that idea?

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