The Linc - Dog fighting ring busted & a visit with Buddy Ryan

Buddy Ryan: Fired for Winning

SPCA busts East Germantown dog-fighting ring | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/24/2009
Hopefully the Eagles and Vick are serious about raising awareness about dog fighting, because it's happening right in our backyard. If the Vick signing makes a story like this bigger than it would have been, then it's already doing good.

Vick will have a full day Thursday - NFC East - ESPN
On the morning of his probable debut with the Eagles, quarterback Michael Vick will be in Newport News, Va., to testify before a bankruptcy court, according to Sal Paolantonio. The hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. and last until the early afternoon.

On the farm, a visit with Buddy Ryan | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/23/2009
For years, Ryan's legacy had seemed final, if not complete. He invented his 46 defense in Chicago, and the Bears used it to win the 1986 Super Bowl. In Philadelphia, many Eagles fans still revere him as much for his plainspoken crustiness as his 43-35-1 regular-season record as head coach - and, for the sheer fun of it, feuds started with Tom Landry and his successor, Jimmy Johnson, in Dallas; the infamous Bounty Bowl with the Cowboys and the Body Bag Game with Washington; and Ryan's calling his own owner "the guy in France."

Rookie Myers hopes to plug hole for Eagles at tight end | | The News Journal

Rob Myers must be making progress, the Philadelphia Eagles' rookie tight end said with an impish grin Sunday afternoon. "I've been here for two weeks and two games," he said. "I was with the Jets for about a week and a half."

More after the jump including Maclin's ball security, Giants injury woes, Kolb's role, & a Phils' fans feelings on Citi field.

Catching, holding ball 'No. 1' for Maclin | | The News Journal
Jeremy Maclin is traveling on the NFL rookie curve of wanting to make plays but also needing to make good decisions. It's easy to veer off course.

Alford's knee injury a bad one - Big Blue View
The injuries are starting to mount for the rival New York Giants.

Kolb’s role as Philadelphia Eagles’ backup secure despite Vick addition | Sports |
Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid pulled Kolb aside before the team announced the signing of Michel Vick to tell Kolb that he still is the No. 2 quarterback.

The Fightins " Fan on CBP Jumbotron doesn’t think too highly of Citi Field
This is just funny.

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