What impressed me and what depressed me

As I watched the second preseason game of the birds, I took some mental notes on what me me smile and what made me:





What Impressed me:

Babin: When he was in the game, he seemed to always be involved in a play.  A sack and forced fumble, plus a few tackles?  This guy has earned respect from the fans.

Mcnabb:  He started of slow, but if you look at his numbers, his confidence, the amount of snaps, and the O-LINE...the guy played good.  Plus the throw to Desean Jackson for the TD was a thing of beauty

Desean Jackson:  As of right now, there are three players on this time i want to retire as an eagle; Mcnabb, Westy, and DJax; this kid really has it all...athleticism, youth, personality, speed, hands....if only he had height.

Rob Myers:  Didn't do anything special, but the rookie did his job....he caught balls (4 catches 44 yards, plus a catch for a 2-point conversion), and with our TE situation, I was a bit satisfied with that.

Adam Dimichele:  Not bad kid, not bad....for a rookie who knows he won't make the team, a pretty beat up O-Line, and a nice TD pass I was rather impressed.  Plus he had some nice moves and speed in the pocket since he got rushed almost every passing down.  His stock may be on the rise for other teams. 

Brandon Gibson: led the team with 5 receptions for 57 yards and a late TD.  Definitely Impressed me.  I remember i was reading a comment from someone on BGN saying he would be better than Maclin.....My friend you said a mouthful, its hard to argue against you now (who ever you are)

Macho Harris: 4 tackles and a sack, pretty good

Moise Fokou:  When he was on the field he was an efficient tackling machine...led the team in tackles along with Quintin Demps.

Peyton Manning's dBA:  Either no one was in that stadium, or Manning can make long distance calls without a phone.

Curt Menefee:  Nice to hear somebody call Mikel underrated, its not mentioned enough.

Tracy White:  A terrific interception around the goal line earns this guy another look, cause i sure haven't heard too much about him.

What Depressed me:

Ellis Hobbs:  This guy's getting cut from where I stand.  I really thought Hobbs was better, but i guess not.  He got beat a few times but even worse was that he could not tackle.  I still think he has some value (aka TE trade)

Kyle Eckel: Dropped passes and 3 words: 3rd and Short

King Dunlap:  Yeah i know, first start against a guy like dwight freeney, but he really didn't prove much.

Lorenzo Booker:  Maybe this is a bit premature, but somebody tell Booker to start clearing his locker.  7 carries 13 yards 1.9 Avg?....*Ugh*

Eldra Buckley:  His numbers weren't as impressive as they were against the patriots, but that's only because for some reason Reid let Booker play more.

Running Game:  The average was 1.4 yds per carry and 23 total yards....WOW.

Punt Coverage and Returns: Tj Rushing had a avg. of 31 yards and Sav Rocca had a tackle....'nuff said.  Return wise, Maclin and Amendola and a combined average of 4.0 yds

Defense overall: I'm not gonna blame it on Mcdermott, instead I'll blame it on the injuries....but how many 15+ yard plays did the colts have?

Penalties: 12 is too much in my opinion

Turnovers: 3 out of our 4 fumbles lost.

3rd down: 5-15 and a few 3rd and shorts as well (regarding the 3rd and shorts all i'll say is that Weaver didn't play...and even though Eckel didn't play good, did Reid HAVE to pass?)

Offensive Line:  ........*sigh*....Worst part of the night.  Even though i guess 4 out of our 5 starters did not play, but almost every pass play Mcnabb,  Feely, and Dimichele were running for their dear life.

Peyton Manning:  Did anyone else hear what he said about Eli regarding his 97 million dollar contract???  I believe it was something like: "I think he deserves it and i think he'll earn it"......HA HA HA

Everyone Injured:   12 injuries including 4 out of our 5 starters on the O-Line....*sigh*

Fox's advertising campaign of The Cleveland Show:  I always have, still am, and will always like The Simpsons more than Family Guy.  Family guy got old, immature, annoying, and uncreative really quick.  The Simpsons has been much more unique and creative, even through its longevity (which is as old as me).  Anyway, I saw the pilot and it was pretty can check it out here

So anyway,maybe i was a bit to specific in some parts of this post, and it is just preseason i guess, plus week one is a looong way from what do you guys think?

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