Taking Stock of Training Camp: Flight Night!

McNabb & Swoop

Inclement weather forced the Eagles to hold practice on the turf field adjacent to the main practice fields, closing the event to the public. Heavy rain then cut the morning practice short. However, the Birds were able to showcase their talent at Eagles Flight Night, which was the first practice held at Lincoln Financial Field this year. It was a fantastic night of football for the over 31,000 assembled fans, culminating in a blood-pumping fireworks display. Here is a brief rundown of who's stock is on the rise and who's stock is falling.

Stock on the Rise:

Jason Avant- Avant continued to show off his skills as a slot receiver, making several catches in traffic throughout the night. He was able to make leaping grabs while still holding onto the ball after being pummeled by multiple defenders.

Charleston Hughes- Displaying some of the ballhawking tendencies of Joe Mays last preseason, Hughes was all over the field during flight night. He made every effort to involve himself in each play, and racked up several tackles during the course of practice, effectively stuffing Eldra Buckley on one play.

Josh Gaines- The rookie free agent made a name for himself towards the end of practice with an impressive pick off of A.J. Feeley, which he then returned for a touchdown. Gaines displayed a tenacity at the line of scrimmage, keeping the o-line on their toes throughout the night, and swatting down another Feeley pass.

Joe Mays- Mays' performance rounded out a stellar defensive showing. He was very effective against the run, stopping the shifty LeSean McCoy with a helmet-ripping tackle.

Kevin Kolb- Donovan McNabb's backup looked calm and collected in the pocket, showing no hesitation as he fired off passes left and right. He didn't allow the pass rush to overwhelm him and was able to complete a very nice pass to Reggie Brown with Akeem Jordan barreling down on him.


Stock Falling:

A.J. Feeley- Feeley looked lost for most of the practice, throwing several balls out of bounds or over his receivers' heads. He also lost two interceptions to Josh Gaines and Trae Williams, rounding out a less-than-impressive showing.

Stewart Bradley: While Bradley's leadership skills were evident throughout the night, the young linebacker had to leave practice early due to a knee injury. An MRI is pending, so let's hope it isn't too serious.

Jeremy Maclin- For those who hoped that Maclin would make his debut during Flight Night, Maclin disappointed yet again. Now, Kenny Britt has just been added to the list of first-round wide receivers who have agreed to a contract. This is getting ridiculous.

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