The FBFL. Alternative to Fantasy Football!

Hey everyone,
The FBFL and SFL Signups are now open for the 2009 season.  Spread the word!!!  The more players the more fun.   Please do not procrastinate on signing up.  The deadlines have been firmly placed this year.


If you are playing the SFL, please read below.  There are new instructions on how to play.  There will be a online database that you login to each week to make your weekly picks. (Thank you Chris for your help with this)


To sign up...Please send an email to Rob and Jim at Please also register online according to the directions below for the SFL.


All Checks should be mailed to:

Rob Wetmore

293 Indigo Way

Allentown PA 18104

You must follow the directions to be able to play this season. 
The FBFL (Fake Betting Football League) and the SFL (Suicide Football League) are both being hosted at
You can find a copy of the rules on the website.  I will also copy them in below. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jim and I at
The S.F.L (Suicide Football League) has a very simple concept.  Each member has to choose one winner per week.  Each member can only choose a team once.  The same team may not be chosen again. When a member chooses a team and they lose, or the member runs out out of teams to choose, ie. playoffs, then that member is eliminated.
The object of the game is to stay alive as long as possible.  The winner is the member(s) who lasts the longest.  The winner gets the pot.  If more than one member makes it to the end or the last remaining members are eliminated in the same week, then they split the pot. 
Deadline for weekly picks.  The deadline for the weekly picks is Friday night by midnight unless there is a Thursday game. If there is a Thursday game, picks must be in by Thursday at 12pm.   If a member fails to put their picks in by the deadline, then they are automatically eliminated from the game.  No margin of error here. 

To sign up for the SFL, please send and email of your intent to me at and you must register by clicking this link and following the instructions.  The password to register is lema 
Membership fees are $25. 
Each member may buy in more than once.
Prizes will be distributed at the end of the complete NFL season.


 What is the F.B.F.L?
The F.B.F.L or Fake Betting Football League is designed to give the member the thrill of betting on game after game all season long without the risk of financial loss or breaking the law.
How does it work?
Each member of the F.B.F.L will be issued 1,000 credits at the beginning of the season. Every week, the member is required to bet a minimum of half their current credits or as much as he/she would like. Betting may be done on the NFL games of the member’s choice for that week. The member does not have to bet on all the games that week but must bet on at least two games until the end of the season when only one game remains.   The bets are placed on the outcome of the game. The outcome is determined by a straight, old fashioned, win or loss. Spreads do not count in this league.
Money Lines:  We will be using a money lines this season.  This money line will be posted the week before  the games to be wagered on.  The money line will make the game more interesting.  Money lines are like odds.  You win more by betting on the under dog than by betting on the favorite.  When the money line is +/- 100 it is the same as even money (you win what you bet).
Money Line Formulas:

 If the member correctly picked the winner of the game he/she bet on, then his/her account will be credited the proper number of credits. If he/she picked a favorite (negative money line) the amount won will be [(bet x 100)/moneyline].  If he/she picked an underdog (positive money line) then the amount won will be [(bet x moneyline) / 100] If he/she chose incorrectly, the number of credits which were wagered will then be deducted from the member’s account. If the games result is a tie, then the member does not gain or lose any credits. Remember, a member may bet on as many games per week as he/she chooses.  If a member does not place the bets for the week on time, then his/her account will automatically be deducted half of their remaining credits. Important reminder: Be cautious with your betting. There are 17 weeks to the regular season plus playoffs and the Super bowl. Once a member runs out of credits, there is no way to earn more.

Deadline for weekly bets.  The deadline for the weekly bets is typically Thursday afternoon at 12 noon before that weeks games.   If bets are not received by this time, then it will be considered a "NO BET" wager and half of the remaining credits will be deducted.  For the weeks that have Thursday games, the bets are due by Wed at 12 noon.  There are times that the cutoff date may change for a given week.  Ample notice will be given by the webmaster. 
League Prizes:

The leagues membership fees will be put into a pool. At the end of the season the leagues pool will be distributed to the five members with the most credits. The pool will be distributed as follows:
1st Prize = 50% of pool
2nd Prize = 20% of pool
3rd Prize = 15% of pool
4th Prize = 10% of pool
5th Prize = 5% of pool
Weekly Wagers:
******Important. Please read. ******
A minimum of half of the member's credits must be wagered per week on the NFL games of choice. A minimum of two games must be bet on each week until the Super Bowl.  No more than your 75% of your weekly bets may be placed on an individual game.   Example, If a member wishes to wager on two games this week for a total of 1000 credits, then no more than 750 of those credits may be on one game.  Failure to bet the minimum points,  the minimum games, or the 75% rule will be considered as an Invalid Week and half of your points will be lost.  In no way will an invalid bet be used to save yourself from losing all of your points and going out of the league for the season (ex. you bet 100% of your points on only 1 game and lose the will be out for the will not be saved by only losing 50% of your points).
All wagers will be entered on the FBFL web site by each user.  Each user will have a logon and a password to the site.  Wagers can be changed while the week is open. Once the week is closed (at the weekly deadline), no changes can be made to your wagers.  If you are having trouble with the website or you are not sure if your wagers are placed properly, you may email your wagers to me at  by the weekly deadline.  The standard weekly deadline is Friday by midnight.  If there is a Thursday game, the deadline is Wednesday at midnight.  If you fail to login in time and your email is received past the deadline, it will not be accepted.  If your wagers are posted online and you send an email as well, the online wagers will be used if there are differences. In any email, wagers should be placed in the following fashion:  Amount being bet on team over team. ex.  30,000 on Philadelphia over New York , 15,000 on Green Bay over Tampa Bay.  Failure to follow this format may be considered invalid wagers by the administrator if your emailed wagers are used for the week (you will lose half your points).
Membership Fees:
Membership Fees are $100 for the season and must be paid in cash prior to the season’s start. 90% of the membership fees goes towards the cash prize.  10% goes to the host for website fees and maintenance.
Each Member may have more than one account. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jim and I at


Go Eagles!!!

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