1 on 1 With Trevor Laws

Part of life is setting goals. Whether they're short term or long term, you strive to achieve these goals, striving for the ultimate result. We at Bleed Green are proud to share with you one of our "long term goals", that being our first current Eagle player interview. We've interviewed a few well-known people, from the beloved Tommy Lawlor to former Eagles player Carlos Emmons. But no one is as prestigious as a current NFL player, especially those who dawn Eagle green.

A couple weeks ago, we hooked up with Drew Martin, brother of Trevor Laws, who ultimately made this happen.

We want to thank Drew Martin and Trevor Laws for time away from their busy schedule.  We are very grateful.

Without further ado, we give you 1 on 1 with Eagles DT Trevor Laws!


(The article will be on Trevor's website soon:

Question 1 (Adam)
In an earlier interview, writer Tommy Lawlor told Bleed Green that you would be the "surprise" player this year for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Do you agree, and why?

Trevor: Well that's pretty cool that someone would think that, and I hope to live up to that expectation.  I am really pumped for the upcoming year and hoping that I can contribute in a big way.  I worked hard this offseason to be ready for camp, and unfortunately tweaked my hammy, but I'm hoping that heals up and I can do some damage out on the field.

Question 2 (Adam)
Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson's death has deeply saddened us all.  What's the one thing that you will most remember most about him?

Trevor:  Jim was a great football bind and that is definitely the thing I remember most about him.  His ability to come up with a brilliant scheme and then coach his player up to execute it to perfection was uncanny.  He brought a lot to the game and will be missed.

Question 3 (Kyle)
Which Philadelphia Eagle teammates are you most closest around?

Trevor:  Well it has to be my boy Victor.  We were roomies at ND and it has been sooo nice having him around to help me adjust to life in the league.  We hang out all the time.  A couple other guys I'm close with are Stewart Bradley and Brent Celek.  All good dudes.

Question 4 (Cody)
What was it like being apart of a Brian Dawkins led huddle, and will the defense miss a beat because of his loss?

Trevor:  Dawkins is a huge presence both on and off the field.  He was very vocal out there, really pushing people and getting them to play to their fullest.  He will be missed, but I think we'll be fine with Q back there...he's a straight baller.

Question 5 (Cody)
How have you matured by watching and learning under teammates Mike Patterson and Brodrick Bunkley?

Trevor:  The main thing is learning the nuances of the NFL and what needs to be done to make plays.  Both have their own style, but each has learned what you can, and can't do in the league.  It's been great watching them and learning from them.  Mike is very good technically and puts the lineman out of position by simple hand moves...whereas Bunk is just a beast and can out-physical just about anyone in the league.  Good people to learn from.

Question 6 (Kyle)
What was the biggest difference from playing at Notre Dame to playing in the NFL?

Trevor:  Everyone says it, but it's true...the speed and strength of other players.  Everyone is fast, everyone is strong up here.  There aren't many (if any) lineman in the league that are college you run into a few.  It's just a matter of working hard and getting to another level so you can be successful up here as well.

Question 7 (Cody)
What was the part of the game that you wanted to improve the most this offseason?

Trevor:  Well, probably my overall strength and speed.  I wanted to get leaner, faster and stronger.  I was pushing myself in my offseason workouts, and that's probably part of the reason I tweaked my hammy while sprinting.  I also was hurt early last year before camp and never really got to where I wanted to be physically with my body, so I was really concentrating on that this year.  Unfortunately, I got injured again.  However, I was able to get ready and be physically in good condition this year before the injury, so I'm hoping I'll be able to pick up where I left off after my hammy heals up.

Question 8 (Kyle)
How do you prepare for your games on Sunday?

 For me it is all about a mindset.  When sunday comes along you know that you are prepared because all week we spend breaking down film and getting our plan down.  On gameday all I usually do is relax and go out there and with intentions to dominate.

Question 9 (Adam)
What's the feeling inside the Eagles locker room right before a game?  Is it different when you're playing a big rival, like say...the Cowboys?

Trevor:  People are always fired up and ready to go, but before a game against the Cowboys you can tell everything is way different.  People are bouncing off the walls because they are so pumped to get out there and tear it up.

Question 10 (Adam)
Open forum: Say whatever you'd like to the Eagle faithful:

Trevor:  Just wanna say thanks to all the fans who come out and watch us play and cheer us on.  You guys are what makes our homefield truly an advantage for us.  Can't wait to get back on the field and earn some PT so I can get after some QBs and make some plays.  Eagles all the way.  Superbowl homeboy.


Once again, thank you to Drew Martin and Trevor Laws.  Best of luck to Trevor this upcoming season.

Hopefully Laws is correct in his prediction..."Eagles all the way. Superbowl homeboy".

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