1 on 1 With Scott Tunstall

When Scott Tunstall is not watching the Eagles, or discussing them with his friend Sean during one of their many "tipsy" conversations, he is writing about them.  Inside The Iggles is a blog that displays the latest Eagles news, as well as thoughts and opinions of the Birds according to Mr. Tunstall.  Scott first began bleeding green at the age of 8, and has worshiped them ever since.  Many find his articles to be engrossing, interesting, worth-while, and even a bit humorous.

Already this short week, Scott has bashed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the #1 sports media giant ESPN, so I definitely worded my questions carefully, hoping I didn't make myself his next target.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we dive into the mind of Scott Tunstall:



Question 1:  What made you want to become the Lead Blogger of the well-known, and reputable Eagles website, Inside the Iggles?

Scott: Last October, I decided to pursue writing/blogging full-time as a career. I was always told to write about what you know, and I'd like to think I know the Eagles pretty well. happened to have an opening at ITI and I jumped at the opportunity. I have to thank Adam and Zach Best, the FanSided founders, for giving me a shot. It's been a satisfying 9 months thus far. I hope to continue the relationship for a long time.


Question 2: On your "About" page at Inside The Iggles, your biased opinion is that Eagles Fans are "the best in the NFL". Briefly elaborate on that.

Scott: Eagles fans are more than just a bunch of coach/QB hating drunks who enjoy booing an injured Michael Irvin and pelting visitors with snowballs. That group is a minority. I remember sitting in a sold out Vet during the 3-13 1998 season. Yeah, there were lots of boos, but everyone there wanted a victory. Eagles fans are knowledgeable, dedicated and critical to the bitter end. They also want to win more than anything else. For my money, that's the true definition of a fan.


Question 3: Who was your favorite Eagle player growing up? 

Scott: I grew up in the Buddy Ryan era. I loved Reggie White, but my favorite player to watch and follow was Randall Cunningham. He was what Michael Vick never became. A quarterback who could run and throw. Randall was a one-man highlight reel.


Question 4: Who is your favorite Eagle player now?

Scott: With Dawkins gone, it's gotta be Westbrook. I like players who make my jaw drop. When Westy is on his game, there is none better. Just an incredible talent.


Question 5: Cowboys, Redskins, Giants: Which one do you hate more?

Scott: No contest. Cowboys. Any organization that arrogantly positions itself as "America's Team" deserves our hatred.  


Question 6:  As of right now, July 29, pending no injuries, what is your prediction of the 2009-2010 Philadelphia Eagles season?

Scott: Well, I don't make Super Bowl predictions in July, so I'm steering clear of that hornet's nest. If you're looking for a record, I'll go with 12-4. They will win the East. However, this might end up being one of the most hard fought division battles in years. Should be fun to watch.


Question 7: In one of your most recent posts (located here), you described Eagles' players in 4 words. Describe the following in four words, as well: Jim Johnson, Andy Reid, Freddie Mitchell, and ESPN's love-affair of Brett Favre.

Scott: Think I'm "four worded" out, but I'll give it a try:

  • Jim Johnson - Best in the game.
  • Andy Reid - Believes in his system.
  • Freddie Mitchell - Delivered nothing but laughs.
  • ESPN/Favre love affair - Never ceases to amaze. 

Question 8: Open forum: Say whatever you’d like to the Philadelphia faithful.

Scott: The one thing I would say to the Philly faithful is to remain patient and exercise caution. I guess that's two things. Anyway, expect some growing pains this season. The roster is stacked with talent, but much of it is young and/or new. It takes time to build a championship identity. Maybe this is the year, maybe it isn't. Just remember, this team has been constructed to be good for years to come.

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