Patriots 27 Eagles 25 - Oh yeah, there was a football game tonight

The Eagles lost a close preseason game tonight to the Patriots. It was a game of two halves that saw the Patriots starters outplay the Eagles' starters, but the Bird's backups clearly outplay the Pats' scrubs.

Obviously, you'd prefer the former...

But does anyone care? I have to make a confession, I barely watched the game after the Vick news broke. I have a feeling I'm not the only one. The biggest local sports story of this year has and will completely overshadow this game.

Still I have a few quick thoughts after the jump.

[Note by JasonB, 08/13/09 11:06 PM EDT ] Injury update

Andy Reid just said Brent Celek had an AC sprain in his shoulder and will be "ok in a couple of days." Also, Jason Peters strained his quad.

The first team offensive line struggled in pass protection. I thought they were very strong in the run game, but McNabb got sacked twice and had to run around far too much. That said, this is a group that has been banged up and hasn't played together much. I'm not panicking yet, but we need to see improvement as the preseason rolls on.

LeSean McCoy was probably the player of the game from an Eagles perspective. The rookie ran for 55 yards on 10 carries and generally looked very confident and poised out there. You could have never guessed that was a rookie in his first NFL game.

Speaking of RBs, we saw a nice contribution from Eldra Buckley tonight. Buckley ran for one TD and caught another. Buckley had 6 catches including a 24 yarder. He may have taken the lead in the fight for the 3rd RB spot, that said... Lorenzo Booker's 25 yard one handed grab down the sideline was probably the play of the game.

I think it's safe to say we've got ourselves a fullback. Not only did Leonard Weaver do a nice job lead blocking for McCoy, he caught passes, he got a first down on short yardage... He was everything he was advertised to be.

Jeremy Maclin really settled into the game. He muffed a punt early on, but we can hopefully chalk that up to rookie nerves. He went on to have a really nice punt return, caught 2 passes for 44 yards, drew a big pass interefence penalty after burning the corner, and averaged 25 yards per kick return. Overall, I thought it was a promising showing from the rookie.

I recorded the game and I'll be back Monday with a more in depth film review. In the meantime, I have a feeling we won't have any trouble finding things to discuss...

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