2010 NFL Draft--Part I: Team Needs

The First of my 5 part series, all encapsulating the essence of the 2010 NFL Draft.


Team Needs (from most dire to least):


Any position with a (?) denotes that it may be a need, depending on outcome of young (ala Brady Quinn), old (ala Kurt Warner), formerly injured  ,  positionally or schematically changed players (ala Aaron Kampman as a 3-4 LB), or if an incoming coach demands "his guy" instead of a current player(ala Josh Freeman to Raheem Morris.)

Eagles: SLB, 43LE (?), CB, S, RB

I like Akeem Jordan, I really do, but Gocong on the other hand... if doesn't take the next step, he may be the weak link on defense.  I am confident in Abiamiri starting at LE, but if he doesn't put out, you know Andy won't hesitate to draft another lineman. The rest is depth, and unless Eric Berry, Taylor Mays, or John Dwyer are on the board, we won't address any of these day one, if at all.

Giants: MLB, LT(?), S, CB

We all know about Antonio Peirce's decline (see Westy's 40 yard TD catch), and they failed to pick up any ILBs in this draft. As for the o-line, David Diel is a bit of a liability as a LT, and is more suited for the right side, however, they did pick up William Beatty in the bottom of the second round this year, so we'll see.

Cowboys: WR, OT, OG, CB, ILB, 34DE

Roy Williams doesn't scare me, or any good DB. The rest of their WRs (other than Miles Austin's potential) aren't worth mentioning.  Also, they have the oldest starting offensive line in the league, while Flozzell Adam's false starts are occuring more and more frequently.  Terrance Newman is old and overrated, and Keith Brooking is a one year stop gap to see if Carpenter will be anything at ILB.

Redskins: OT, SLB 43RE (Orakpo is a Sam Line Backer ((Dumbass Redskins! haha))) MLB, QB (?), CB

The Skins, in their infinite idiocy, decided to make Orakpo a Outside linebacker, in a 4-3....So they now still lack any good pass rushers to aid Haynesworth and (they hope) Jeremy Jarmon.  Not only that, but sitting on the board was Michael Oher, a future bookend LT, another thing they lack. Their offensive line is the second oldest in the league, and London Fletcher is pushing 36 years old.  And even though they have a good thing in Jason Campbell, Snyder will probably not hesitate to take any other QB he can get his hands on (Tim Tebow)...

Dolphins: 34NT, 34DE, RB, WR (?), LB

This years' Dolphins will probably take a step back with an aging D line and Pennington's arm strength getting even worse.  The receivers have a lot of potential, but I'm not sure that will stop Parcells from looking at a top prospect. Also, Ronnie Brown will be a free agent, and outside of his Wildcat prowess, he was not that great lining up like every other back, you know, behind the QB. Parcells will also look for a fresh Rush LB, because that is where his man-fatuation lies (Reid has lineman, William Clay Ford has WRs)

Bills: OT, 43DT, WLB, QB (?), FS

They traded us the best LT in football for Eric Wood, a center, and Andy Levitre, a center.  They will have a great group of WRs for Trent Edwards to throw to, but I fear Trent will suffer from deer in headlights David Carr syndrome.  Also, the team has had troubles stopping the run.  Look for Dick Juaron's job to be on the spot, and with it unfortunatly, Trent Edwards career.

Patriots: RB, ILB, OLB, 34DE, G/C, WR

The Pats are solid all around, but could use "the guy" at the RB position. Other than that, Bilicheat wil continue to replace his old-man linebackers and built solid depth up front.

Jets: WR, 34DE, RT, FS

Rex Ryan will lead this team to good things, pending Vernon Gholston's ability to rush the passer. Until we (read: I) can figure that out, they need to inject youth across the D line, and get a solid WR to line up with Jerricho Cotchery, who is a very good receiver. Damon Woody could be upgraded.

Vikings: QB, QB, QB, QB, QB, CB, C, Sam LB, S

After Brett Favre retires (Third time's the charm?) they will need a man to lead the All-Day offense, and a replacement for Matt Birk to give him the ball.  Other than that, some depth in the secondary and they are good as gold for a while.

Bears: OT, S, DL, WR

This team is gonna be good, real good. Hate on the receivers all you want, but you better get used to "Cutler to Earl Bennett, TOUCHDOWN!!" That phrase was shouted a record number of times in the SEC at Vanderbuilt a few years ago, and now will be restored. They also set the record for catches and yards in the SEC together. The team just needs someone to step in for aging Orlando Pace (Chris Williams is the RT).

Packers: CB, OT, OG, TE, RB, 34DE

Unfortunatly for Aaron Rodgers, this offensive line is a mess, and the defense is undergoing a shift to the 3-4.  I'm not expecting much from this team until the D takes shape.

Lions: DT, OT, CB, SS, MLB, OG

The Lions will win 3 games this season. That is a success for Coach Fisher, and he will have them in the playoffs in 3 years. Book it. If they can stop the run, and Louis Delmas is as good as the hype, they will be ok on defense. Julian Peterson will help so much on D. Give 'em 2 DTs and some time, the Lions will be good.

Ravens: WR, 34DE, ILB, NT, C, TE

The stout Raven's D will take a step back this year, with aging D linemen and the loss of Bart Scott. With a few drafts, they will be back to normal.  Joe Flacco also desperatly needs a target now that Derrick Mason is gone.  It is also clear with the signing of LJ Smith that John Harbough is not patient with Todd Heap.

Steelers: OT, 34DE, ILB, CB, OG

The O-line is still being rebuilt, and it really begs the question, "How in God's name did a team with such a horrible offensive line win the Superbowl?" Well, the answer is defense, and lack of flags after certain celebrations using balls as props (I'm looking at you: Santonio Holmes). However, that same defense is aging at almost every position, so they will have to expediently retool if they want to win another Lombardi any time soon.

Bengals: OG, 43DE, RB, S

This team is way better than everyone thinks they are, particularly on defense. If Andre Smith pans out, hopefully at LT, then this team will be a force, as long as Carson Palmer is the QB. However, they will need Cedric Benson to stay sober to maintain the 130 yard average he had in the final 4 games.  Watch out, the "Bungals" are back.

Browns: OLB, S, TE, RB, ILB,  RT, RG, QB (?)

Mangina Mangini refused to take a pass rusher, and will probably not be satisfied if Quinn or Anderson don't win 10 games, thusly making him draft "his" guy.  Good luck trying to be Bilicheat. Cough *3-13* Cough.

Falcons: WLB, TE, CB, C

If the defense can hold, Matt Ryan will take them places. Add in Tony Gonzalez to an already potent offense, and they are quite tarrifying. However, there is no way in hell that Michael Turner does what he did last season. He ran the rock upwards of 350 times, and at that rate, he will catch a case of Shaun Alexanders "I magically suck" Virus (SAIMS).

Saints: OLB, DT, S, OL, QB (depth)

Pierre Thomas wil rush for 1200 yards this year, and Reggie Bush will have 8 total touchdowns. Brees will be even better with Colston back from injury.  The secondary ought to be better with Malcom Jenkins and Darren Sharper added.  Still need to stop the run though...

Panthers: QB, 43DT, CB, 43LE

Jake Delhomme will keep this team from going anywhere. And no way will they be able to run like they did last year. 'Nuff said.

Bucs: DT, SLB, SS, DE, WR, CB

If they can stop the run, and if Freeman doesn't do anything too stupid, they will be potent. However, both the former and later are big goals to endeavor.  Their are no DTs on the team worth my mentioning, and former SS Jermaine Phillips has been taking snaps as the teams starting SLB. That is beyond troubling for the Bucs...

Colts: 43DT, LB, OG/C, WR

This all hinges on Peyton, and they could use some youth in the trenches. Also, the Linebacking corps must be rejuvenated with youth.

Titans: CB, QB (?), DE, WLB, SLB, C

We'll see how Vince Young turns out, because I assure you he will be the starter in Week 17. As he goes, they go. Also, Keith Bullocks will be a free agent, and 32, so he must be replaced.  Vandon Bosh will be a free agent, so the future at RE must be found. The loss of Albert Haynesworth will not be so great, because rookie DT Jason Jones quietly put up 4 sacks in the 2 games he started last year.

Texans: CB, S, DT, WLB (?), OG

Matt Schwab will lead this year's Texans to the playoffs, if he stays healthy. If the secondary holds, the Defense will be fine. I'm not sure about Xavier Adibi at Will LB, so we'll see.

Jaguars: WR, CB, QB (?), DT, S, LB

I'm very doubtful about the Jags this year. The wide receivers are worse than normal, the secondary is a mess, and who will replace Mike Peterson at MLB? And on top of that, Jack Del Rio's job, and with it is David Gerrard's, are on the line.

Seahawks: S, RB, LT, QB (?), CB

They have a fine goaline back in TJ Duckett, not much other than that.  Deon Grant is D-O-N-E.  Will Hasselback be healthy? If so, they will be an ok team, if not...rebuilding commences.

49ers: RT, CB, QB (?), OLB (?), S

The Singletary led Niners will be good, but who is the QB? I still have faith in Alex Smith, but we'll have to wait and see. Also, the secondary is sickeningly bad.

Cardinals: QB (?), TE, LB, DE, C, DT

Post-Super Bowl slump will strick again.  Kurt Warner will not do what he did last year. Not even remotely close.

Rams: QB (?), DT, SLB, WR, CB, OL

This team will be so-so, but will Spags replace Bulger? Statistically he is not that bad, but we know that coaches will look for "their guy". The interior D line is weak, as there is no NT to comliment Adam Carriker as the Under Tackle.

Chargers: NT, S, OG, 5TDE

Some simple injection of youth on the D line and some better saftey play will get them over the hump.

Raiders: DT, OL, DE, SLB, S (?)

A lot of possibilities for the Raiders.  They will be bad against the run, that is a given, but everywhere else will be solid, hopefully. They have, without doubt, the best RB stable in the league with power back Michael Bush, big play Darren McFadden, and consistant Justin Fargas. The wide receivers are better than they get credit for, and Chaz Schillens will be a solid guy. If JaMarcuss steps up to the plate, I expect 8 or 9 wins for this team.

Chiefs: OLB, NT, WR, RT, TE, ILB

The defense has been ripped apart in the 3-4 remodeling, so they will not be solid. Also, Tyler Thigpen is BETTER (and about 60 million dollars cheaper) than system QB Matt Cassel. Hopefully Todd Haley will see this. And without Tony Gonzalez, Dwane Bowe is the only proven pass catcher on the team.

Broncos: NT, 5TDE, QB, ILB, CB

Josh McDaniels = FAIL. 1-15. "Rebuilding" (read "Attempting to be the Patriots")will continue. Defense will be exceedingly porous without any actual 3-4 lineman. And oh yeah, they traded away a twenty-sum year old superstar QB in the making. While they're at it, might as well trade one of the better young receivers in the game as well. Oh, and trade our potential top 5 pick for an undersized second round cornerback.



That's all for now...Next post, the order of the draft.

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