2010 NFL Draft--Part V: The Mock

Finally! Here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen, my first edition of the 2010 Mock Draft; featuring Pictures, Trades, and Analysis. Please comment to give your opinion on any picks you disagree with, reaches, obscene trades, or anything! If you think it sucks, please, for the love of God, say why, and I will consider your opinions.


1. Seahawks, via Broncos (Alphonso Smith trade)---QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma


"What would Lance do?"

Thanks to Josh McDaniels' stupid trade last year to get Alphonso Smith, the Seahawks are sitting on the number 1 overall pick.  They really like Eric Berry and Carlos Dunlap, but the fact that they could have the franchise's future in Bradford takes him over the top. Its not that Matt Hasselback is bad and needs to be replaced, but at age 33 and a history if injuries, they cannot help but take the next Philip Rivers.



2. Buccaneers--- DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska


"Wow, that cheerleader has a boot-ay!"

The Bucs cannot stop the run. This is a simple fact, and as much as they love Dunlap, and I mean jizz in their pants love, they must take a run stuffing DT, and they get just that in Ndamukong Suh (pronounced Un-da-moo-kong Soo).  If he can help them keep that (potentially) devastating offense on the field, this team has a bright future.


3.  Rams---QB Jevan Snead, Ole Miss


"Sponsored by Nike"

Mark Bulger is 32 years old, and his last 2 years have yielded (in order) 11TDs to 15 INTS and then 11TDs to 13 TDs.  Spagnulo will probably want "his guy" at QB, and Snead is just the fit. He is young (21), has a rocket arm, and comes from a pro-style offense. If they stay a run-first team, I see no reason why Spags wouldn't throw Snead in as the Day 1 starter.


4. Lions---DE Carlos Dunlap, Florida


"Sammy, I just want to cuddle."

The benefactors of the previous three picks, the Lions have the pick on the podium only moments after the Rams pick.  Ya , they need a LT, and Okung is there, but the value of Dunlap, the second coming (if that makes sense) of Mario Williams, at this pick is amazing. With him lined up as the LE across from Cliff Avrill, the Lions will have a formidable pass rush for years to come.



5. Browns---***TRADE*** BILLS' 1ST, 2ND, AND 2010 2ND FOR BROWNS' 1st (5th overall) and  5TH


"Coach Bill told me to raise my hand before I talk."

With no Rush Linebackers worth this pick,  the fact that taking a RT this high is idiotic, and supposing Mangini sticks with one of the QBs on his roster (cough*Quinn*cough) the Browns will trade this pick to the highest bidder to get the year's premier LT, Russell Okung.


5. BILLS, via Browns--- LT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State


"Where'd everybody go?"

The Bills traded us the best LT in the game for what turned out to be Eric Wood, a center, and Andy Levitre, a center. So, unless they think they can make a whole line out of centers and RT Langston Walker, they need a bookend LT; and the best of the year f(who could have gone #1 overall) has slid. They take advantage of the opportunity at hand, and give away all but the kitchen sink to get the peice that they need.

6. Chiefs---WR Arrelious Benn, Illinois


"How them beans smell?"

Todd Haley was lucky enough to call plays in Arizona for a team with two outstanding WRs in Boldin and Fitzgerald. Now, he plans to run the spread offense again, but with only one good WR in Dwayne Bowe, and a solid old man in Bobby Engram. He will look to take the same route as the Cardinals, turning an area of weakness into a stregnth by taking Benn, an Andre Johnson clone. However, this was a hard decision with the next Tony G on the board (Jermain Gresham).


7. Cowboys--- SS Taylor Mays


"Wait... what did I do wrong this time?..."

The 'Boys just missed out on Benn and Okung, and while the smart pick would be S Eric Berry or DT/DE Gerald McCoy, I highly doubt Jerry Jones can resist the physical tools brought to the table by the 6'4, 225 lb Taylor Mays. I think he is a horrible prospect, because he has relied soley upon his freakish athleticism to make plays, and thus his actual on-field awareness is worse than if I, a Center, were to line up in the secondary. A very Cowboys-esque pick *chuckle*.





The Jaguars have a strong team, especially in the trenches, but the WRs are absolutly horrendous, and thus, the team will rely on Maurice Jones-Drew and David Gerrard to do everything offensivly.  With Benn off the board, the next best WR isn't worth this pick, and thus, they trade to the highest suitor for the true #1 S prospect...


8. 49ers, via Jaguars (Draft-Day Trade), through Panthers (Everette Brown Trade)---S Eric Berry


"I KNEW the the dirty lucky underwear would work"

Eric Berry has a Top 5 grade, and the idiotic Cowboys bit on Taylor Mays' athleticism over Berry's absolute awareness and field knowledge. The current starting SS for the Niners is Michael Lewis, former Eagle, at the ripe old age of 33 next year. He must be replaced, and Berry will bring an Ed Reed-like presence to Singletary's soon to be astounding 34 Defense.


9. Cardinals---OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma


"Heeere Doggy!"

The Cardinals will fall on their face's next season, due to a.) Post Superbowl Loss Slump (TM), b.) Kurt Warner is older than Gandelf, c.) Starting LT Wayne Gandy is even older, and d.) Loss of both offensive and defensive coorinators Todd Haley and Clancy Pendergast. Matt Lienart is in place to take over for Warner, but Wayne Gandy has no backup, and Trent Williams' experience as a Shotgun Offense RT and LT gives him the bump over higher rated Brian Bulaga. Williams will probably start at LT, because lefty Matt Lienart's blind side is at RT.



10. Jets--- 34DE Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma


"My cookie."

The Jets will not be strikingly good this season because not only that rookie Mark Sanchez will start at QB, but a very tough schedule. I think the WRs will be ok this season (and the fact that they will probably sign Plaxico Burress), so they get the best 34DE in the draft to replace Sean Ellis.  McCoy is just another peice for Rex Ryan to make this a powerhouse on D.




11. Dolphins---NT Terrance Cody, Alabama



Starting NT Jason Ferguson is 34 years young and a free agent next year, with no one behind him. The 'Phins pass defense will not be good this year, but that is only because of lack of age (thus expirience) and a very tough schedule, and a real run-stuffer that can force the pass on 3rd down will be a good thing for the up and coming secondary in Miami.



12. Browns, via Bills (Draft Day Trade)---34Sam Rush LB Sergio Kindle


"Ohhhh I gotta poo!"

Mangini pulled off a solid trade moving down to get the years' best pass rushing specialist. Kindle provides legitamate expirience at Sam Rush LB, and if they can finally start getting to the QB and run the ball, this team just might go somewhere with Brady Quinn.



"I said no fat chicks..."



13. Jaguars, via 49ers, through Panthers (Everette Brown trade)---WR Dez Bryant


"I wonder what Momma's cookin' for dinner...? And why did that dude I just burned get shot in the knee-cap?"

As stated earlier, the Jaguars WRs are the worst in the league. Tory Holt, Troy Williamson, Mike Walker, and rookies Mike Thomas, Jarret Dillard, and Tiquan Underwood. Not impressive...Dez Bryant brings a dimension the team lacks, and potentially will open up the offense for years.




14. Raiders---OT Brian Bulaga, Iowa


"Shoulda used Preperation H. for my Black Hole..."

Wow...the Raidaaz get a steal here with the best zone-blocking lineman in the draft. I doubt they resign Khalif Barnes as the RT, so enter Bulaga, with elite run blocking ability and great speed for a Tackle. Davis will love him, and he comes from a great farm system for linemen at Iowa. I can see him paving holes for Michael Bush and Darren McFadden already..."devastating Jim, just devastating"...


15. Titans--- LE Brandon Graham, Michagan


"Coach! I can't see!"

The Titans defense will not be close to last years dominating unit. The starting DEs are Kyle Vanden Bosch and Jeavon Kearse, both old free agents in 2010. So they take the best player available at DE, the strong, run stopping LE Graham from Michagan.



16. Ravens--- WR Damien Williams, USC


"Damn, my fingers still smell like fish..."


The Ravens are starving for WRs, and with no 34d-linemen worth this pick, they put a smile on Joe Flacco's face.

17.49ers--- CB Trevard Lindley, Kentucky


"I got it! I got it!"

Walt Harris tore his ACL, which forced the 'Niners to pick up Dre Bly to start opposite Nate Clemmons...not a good sign of confidence in Shawnte Spencer. So Singletary's Army end up with the best two defensive backs in the draft (Read: The future is good).



"The gay-bar is *that* way!"


18. Packers--- CB Joe Haden, Florida


"Bitch no!"

Walt Harris and Charles Woodson are old men in the secondary, and thus Ted Thompson swallows his urge to take Gresham, and sticks with the team's real need at CB.


19.Falcons--- WLB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri


"Aha! 'Tis thou who art "The Real Slim Shady.""

This pick took about 2 seconds, as Weatherspoon is both the BPA (best player available) and the perfect fit for the Falcons' rebuilding defense. He will immediatly replace the elderly Mike Peterson at Will LB. His upside is stupendous, particularly in pass coverage.


20.Vikings---***TRADE***BRONCOS 1St (via Bears) and 3RD FOR VIKINGS' 1ST


"Don't look at me, the dude with horns makes the choices."

The Vikings are targeting a certain someone they are confident no one else is going for...


20. BRONCOS, via Vikings, through Bears---ILB Brandon Spikes, Florida



The Broncos love Florida's Brandon Spikes as their future 34 Ted ILB, next to DJ Williams, so they traded up above the Redskins who also have shown a love towards Spikes. He has the same passion, reckless abandon, and leadership ability as Ray Lewis, and Josh McDaniels prays to the Football Gods that he will end up as half that.


21. Redskins---DE Greg Hardy, Ole Miss


"F*ck Jared Allen, my sack dance is better."

The 'Skins just missed out on their favorite defensive player, but settle with one of the draft's best pass rushers in Hardy. He and Jeremy Jarmon are the future for this organization as the DEnd tandem. They heavily consider RT Ciron Black here, as their offensive line is the oldest and one of the worst in the league.


22. Seahawks---FS Reshad Jones, Georgia


"Where's my Perrier, trick..."

The 'Hawks chose to go Bradford #1 overall, but they really thought about Eric Berry. They still pick up the 2nd best S in the draft (Taylor Mays doesn't count), and he is one helluva player. His ability to play in coverage and rush the passer are outstanding, and I see him as another Sean Taylor (RIP).



23. Texans---CB/S Ras-I Dowling, Virginia


"Let me catch this first"

The Texans miss their chance at a proven S in Reshad Jones, but still end up with Dowling. At his size (6'2, 200), with a relativly slow 40 time for a CB (4.5), and expirience as a zone corner, , he wil probably end up as a Free Saftey in this league, much like Arizona's Antrell Rolle. Is he the saftey the Texans have always searched for? We'll see...



24. Colts---***TRADE***BROWNS' 2ND (Via Buffalo), 2011 2ND, 2010 5TH FOR COLTS' 1ST



"Guess who, bitches."

24. Browns
, via Colts---TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma


" s'cuse me."

Mangini pulls off another trade, receiving the PERFECT TE propect in Gresham, the second coming of Tony Gonzalez. He easily steps in as the #1 TE in Cleveland, giving Brady Quinn yet another option to throw to.


25. Bengals--- RT Ciron Black, LSU


"I want YOU in the U.S. Armed Forces."

The "Bungals" are gonna have a heluva year, I promise you. With the return of a healthy Carson Palmer, last year's anemic offense will be nourished with astounding numbers. The passing game will be better in my opinion with Lavernous Coles replacing TJ Houshmandzateh as the #2 WR, and with the progression of Chris Henry in the slot, along with a triumphant return to health and happiness in Chad Ochocinco. But surprise is, the running game will also be good with Cedrick Benson, who averaged about 120 yards in the last 4 games of 2009. So at this point, the only real needs are at RT to replace Stacey Andrews, and S. And on the board lies Ciron Black...perfect.


26. Giants---C Chris O'Dowd, USC


"Dammit! Broke a nail!"


Sean O'Hara is getting up there in age, and the Giants don't like Rolando McClain as a 43MLB, so they take the best Center prospect of the year.


27. Steelers---ILB Rolando McClain, Alabama


"All the money and the jewelry. DO IT OR I F#CKING WASTE THIS PUNK-ASS!"

The Steelers do, however, like McClain as a 34ILB, probably TED, to eventually replace James Farrior.



28. Vikings, via Broncos, through Bears---QB/ATHLETE Tim Tebow, Florida


"Smile for the boobies!"

Ahh yes...Tim Tebow. Well, his upside is Donovan McNabb-esque, but his bustability is obscene beyond any words I can summon. Childress must replace Brett Favre, and Trevaris Jackson isn't the answer. With an amazing run game, and several good WRs at his disposal, including former Gator Percy Harvin, this is the best place (short of Miami) Tim Tebow can land. I really do hope he turns out great, because he is one of the most inspiring on-field leaders I've ever seen.



29. Saints---WLB Navarro Bowman, Penn State


"Praise Satan!"

The Saints desperatly need a playmaking OLB to help Johnathan Vilma, and Bowman's athleticism and nose for the ball fits the bill.



30. Chargers---34DE Arthur Jones, Syracuse


"Share your toys, Jimmy!"

7th Round Pick Ryon Bingam is penciled in as the starter at LE this season. Well, Arthur Jones is one of the best 34DE prospects out in years, so you know the decision.



31. Patriots---34 Sam Rush LB George Selvie, USF


"And I pants"

Belichek gets a pass rusher perfectly suited to his 34 defense, which has been slowly rebuilding for years.


32. Eagles---43SLB/DE Jerry Hughes, TCU


"Commencing teabag sequence in 3...2..1..."

And intriging pick here, as Hughes is an undersized pass rusher who would well suite a 34, but Sean McDormat beleives Hughes can be what Gocong was supposed to be, a hard driving, killing force against the run an elite pass rusher, who can accomplish more than 2 career sacks. If he pans out, which I bet he will, being as he actually has stood up and played LB in some sets and comes from a D1 school, he will be the SLB we've looked searched for.





1. Broncos---QB Colt McCoy, Texas

Weak arm, system quarterback, no reads, little leadership: sounds like Matt Cassel. So McDaniels will build a franchise around it.

2. Buccaneers---OLB Mike Herzlich,  Boston College

The cancer is being treated, and I hear he will be a-ok.

3. Rams--- WR Brandon LeFell, LSU

All they have is Donny Avery

4. Lions---Sam Young, LT, Notre Dame

Finally, a LT...

5. Browns---RB Johnathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech

Wow, the best Pass Rusher, TE, and damn good draft for the Browns.

6. Chiefs---TE Dennis Pitta, BYU

Gotta replace Tony G, and Pitta has the ability to Flex out as a WR.

7. Cowboys---WR Brandon LeFell, LSU

Roy Williams, lol.

8. Patriots via Jaguars, (2009 Draft Day Trade)---ILB Sean Lee, Penn State

Replacing the oldmen LBs.

9. Cardinals---OLB Rico McCoy

Karlos Dansby will not resign.

10. Eagles, via Jets (Lito Sheppard Conditional Trade)---DE Brandon Lang, Troy

BPA. A good run stopping LE.

11. Dolphins---RB CJ Spiller, Clemson

BPA, and Ricky Williams is a free agent.

12. Colts, via Browns, through Bills---CB Javier Arenas, Alabama

One of the 2 starting CBs will leave after next season.

13.Panthers---QB Tim Hiller, Eastern Michagan

Jake Delhomme sucks, and Hiller is the 2nd best pro-style QB in the draft.

14. Raiders---NT Boo Robinson, Wake Forrest

They cannot stop the run, and appearantly Boo Robinson runs a sup 5.00 40yarddash.

15. Patriots, via Titans (Jared Cook Trade)---WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame

Need a 3rd Option at WR, and eventual replacement for Moss.

16. Ravens---NT Vince Oghobaase

Kelly Greg is in a contract year, and is 32 anyway

17. 49ers---RT Adam Ulatowski, Texas

Need a RT, and Marvel Smith is only a 1 year experiment

18.Packers--- CB Syd'Quan Thompson, California

BPA and fits the need of youth at CB

19.Chiefs, via Falcons (Tony Gonzalez Trade)---34 OLB Eric Norwood, South Carolina

Need a pass rusher

20. Vikings--- RB Javhid Best, California

Chester Taylor is 29 and in a contract year

21. Redskins---RT/G Mike Johnson, Alabama

O-line is old and sucks

22. Seahawks---RB Evan Royster, Penn State

Great value, and they have no good RBs

23 Texans---CB Crezdon Butler, Clemson

Steal. A great CB, and Dunta Robinson is on Franchise Tag

24. Colts---WR Marshawn Gilyard

Need a 3rd option at WR, and Gilyard is a good Punt Returner as well

25. Bengals---FS Myron Lewis, Vanderbilt

Need depth, and Lewis gives a Brian Dawkins-like ability to blitz

26. Giants---TE Rob Gronkowski, Arizona State

BPA, and perfect fit for the system.

27. Steelers---34DE Corey Wooton, Norhtwestern

Need youth on the D line, and Wooton is a BPA

28. Bears--- 43LE C.J. Wilson, East Carolina

A run-stopping LE for a team with 3 free agent DEs next year.

29. Saints--- DT DeMarcus Granger, Oklahoma

They desperately need a NT to help out Sedrick Ellis.

30. Chargers--- S Darrell Stuckey, Kansas

Could do better at S...

31. Patriots---G Sergio Ryder, Virginia

4 Free agent OL next year, and the best G in the draft.

32. Eagles--- C Josh McNeil, Tennessee

Jamaal Jackson will be 30 next year, and you know what that means...



1. Broncos--- 34DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech

2. Buccaneers---NT Jared Odrick, Penn State

3. Rams--- TE/FB Garrett Graham, Wisconsin

4. Lions---CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State

5. Browns---ILB Joe Pawalek, Baylor

6. Chiefs---RB LeGarrette Blount, Oregon

7. Cowboys---34DE Geno Atkins

8. Jaguars---SS Kam Chancellor, Virginia Tech

9. Cardinals---TE Ed Dickson, Oregon

10. Jets---WR Eric Decker, Minnasota

11. Dolphins---S Anderson Russell, Ohio State

12. Colts---OT Charles Brown, USC

13.Panthers---DT/FB Mick Williams, Pittsburg

Hahahahaha another Klecko!!!

14. Raiders---G/T Zane Beadles, Utah

15. Titans---DE/OLB Dexter Davis, Arizona State

16. Ravens---TE Nate Byham, Pittsburgh

17. Jaguars, via 49ers---CB Stephan Virgil, Virginia Tech

18.Packers---RB Noel Divine, West Virginia

19.Falcons---C John Estez, Hawii

20. Vikings---SLB Stephanson Sylvester

21. Redskins---RB Chris Brown, Oklahoma

22. Seahawks---CB Walter Thurmond, Oregon

23 Texans---RB Charles Scott, LSU

24. Colts--- DE Anthonio Coleman, Auburn

25. Bengals---DT Dan Williams, Tennesee

26. Giants---FS Nate Allen, USF

27. Steelers---CB Brandon McGee, Wake Forrest

28. Bears---OG John Jerry, Ole Miss

29. Saints---43LE Erik Long, Stanford

30. Chargers---WR Dezmon Briscoe, Kansas

31. Patriots--- C/OG Eric Olsen, Notre Dame

32. Eagles---RB James Starks, Buffalo

A BIG RB (6'2, 211 lbs.) who ran for 1333 yards and 14 TDs, but also had 52 catches for 361 yards. Great thunder to contrast Shady's lightning.



And that's it folks....the whole process will repeat in a few months...

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