2010 NFL Draft--Part III: The Prospects (Offense) *With Pictures*

Here we are, the prospects for the draft (I've taken the liberty to include some underclassmen who will probably declare)




1. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma


Height: 6-4. Weight: 214

Not the biggest arm, but he puts up crazy numbers in an offense with a lot of pro-style routes. He also has great accuracy.

Scheme Fits: Shotgun Offense, West-Coast Offense

Compares favorably to: Philip Rivers

Top 3 pick

2. Jevan Snead, Ole Miss


Height: 6-3. Weight: 215 Age: 21

With is gigantic arm, this Texas transfer lit it up at Ole Miss in his first season as a starter. Accuracy is solid, and can avoid the rush well.

Scheme Fit: Run/Play-action Offense

Compares favorably to: Jay Cutler

Top 5 pick

3. Tim "Saint" Tebow

6-3, 235, age 21

I have confidence in the big guy.  Appearantly, he has been working very hard on taking snaps under center, and throwing to pro routes, thanks to Urban Meyer wanting to help him get drafted. Also, he has a lot of room to put on muscle to his arm, and fix that funky release.  And, lastly, he will be able to run in the NFL. Not like he does now, but the SEC has defenses that are the best primer for any QB looking to go pro, to face.  And no one can deny his unmeasurable leadership qualities.  I think he will be an OK NFL player, never great, but always willing to give his all.

Scheme Fits: Shotgun Offense, Wildcat Offense, West Coast Offense

Compares to: A combination of Byron Leftwich (slow release, lack of ability to read schemes), Steve McNair (RIP), Jerome Bettis (power running ability), Matt Leinart (weird sidearmed Lefty release), and Jesus

At best, Top 10 pick

At worst, Top 100 pick

4. Colt McCoy

Height: 6-3 Weight: 205 Age: 22

An accurate passer, who likes to run around like a wiley little puppy. However, he makes about no NFL reads, and will not be able to juke NFL defensive players like he does in the Big 12.  And he is bordering on Chad Pennington arm strength.

Scheme Fits; West Coast Offense, Shotgun Offense

Compares (sort of) to: Jeff Garcia  (Raiders) + Matt Cassel (Chiefs)  + Tony Romo (Cowboys) DIVIDED BY 3

Top 50 pick


Other Top QBs:

Zach Robinson, Oklahoma State

Dan LeFevour, Eastern Michigan



1. Johnathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech


6-0, 228, estimated 40 yard dash: 4.42

Big, well rounded back with a lot of speed to match his size.  A first round lock.

Scheme Fits: Power Rushing Offense

Compares to: Frank Gore (49ers)

Top 20 pick

2. CJ Spiller, Clemson

5-11, 195, estimated 40: 4.34

Ellusive speed back, will give a lot of flexibility to whoever picks him.  Can catch, run, and return as well.

Scheme Fits: RB Tandem Offense

Compares to: Felix Jones (Cowboys)

Top 25 pick (only because of the lack of need at the RB position in the league)

3. Javid Best, Cal

Height: 5-10. Weight: 194, estimated 40: 4.32

Mega speed, return ability, great catching the ball, but durability is questioned

Scheme Fit: Zone Blocking Offense, 3rd Down RB

Compares to: Chris Johnson (Titans)

Top 30 pick

4. Evan Royster

Height: 6-1. Weight: 212, estimated 40: 4.48

Really strong runner, can catch, can block

Scheme Fit: Power Rushing Offense, RB Tandem Offense

Compares to: Marshawn Lynch (Bills)

Top 30 Pick

Other Top RBs:

Charles Scott, LSU

Noel Devine, West Virginia

Chris Brown, Oklahoma


1. Garrett Graham, Wisconsin

Height: 6-4. Weight: 243, Estimated 40: 4.8


Graham, an H-back (a FB/TE hybrid) stepped in for Wisconsin after Travis Beckum got injured last year. He put up great numbers (5 TDs, 540 yards) for a first year starter. He has obscenely high upside as an H-back in the Chris Cooley mold.


Scheme Fits: TE in Power Rushing/Play Action Offense, FB/TE in West Coast Offense

Compares to: Chris Cooley

Top 60 Pick


1. Arrelious Benn, Illinois

Height: 6-2. Weight: 214, estimated 40: 4.48

Domination. That is the only word that defines Benn.  Speed, size, hands, everything.

Scheme Fit: #1 WR in Power Rushing/Play-Action Offense

Compares to: Andre Johnson

Top 10 pick

2. Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State

Height: 6-2. Weight: 210, estimated 40: 4.52

An explosive player, Dez Bryant put up 1,480 yards and a whopping 19 touchdowns his Sophmore year. His upside is spectacular, but he is playing in a spread offense, which inflates all of his stunning statistics.

Scheme Fit: #1 WR in West Coast or Shotgun Offense

Compares to: Jericho Cotchery (Jets)

Top 20 Pick

3. Damian Williams, USC

Height: 6-1. Weight: 190, estimated 40: 4.45

Hands down, the best rout running prospect I've ever seen coming out of college. With Williams' talent level and work ethic, he has a great foundation to be a star receiver in the NFL. However, a he plays with more quickness than speed.

Scheme Fits: #2 WR in West Coast Offense

Compares to: Donald Driver (Packers)

Top 35 Pick

4. Brandon LeFell, LSU


Height: 6-3. Weight: 209, estimated 40: 4.50

Despite a revolving door at QB this year, LeFell managed 912 yards and 8 TDs. His size and speed make him very desirable. His hands have been questioned.

Scheme Fit: #1 WR in Power Rushing/Play Action Offense

Compares to: Dwane Bowe (Cheifs)

Top 35 Pick

5. Golden Tate, Notre Dame

Height: 5-11. Weight: 195, estimated 40: 4.42

A good route runner in the fairly prostyle offense at Notre Dame, he posted 10 TDs and 1080 yards as a sophmore. Look for great things out of him.

Scheme Fit: #1 WR in West Coast Offense, #2 WR in Power Rushing/Play Action Offense

Compares to: Greg Jennings (Packers)

Top 50 Pick

Other Possible Top WR:

Marshawn Gilyard, Cincinatti



1. Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma

Height: 6-6. Weight: 260, estimated 40: 4.65


He does it all...the best TE prospect since Kellen Winslow JR.  TD machine, great catcher, solid run blocker, stunningly good pass blocker.

Scheme Fit: TE in West Coast Offense, Slot Receiver in Shotgun Offense

Compares to: Tony Gonzalez ya, I just said that (Falcons)

Top 10 Pick


2. Dennis Pitta, BYU

Height: 6-5. Weight: 250, estimated 40: 4.62

He is a great player, posting over 1000 yards and 6 TDs, but is a surpizingly good blocker (in the rare occasions he does block in the BYU spread). I really like him as a prospect.

Scheme Fit:  Standing TE in Shotgun Offense

Compares to: Jason Witten (Cowboys)

Top 30 Pick

3. Rob Gronkowski, Arizona State

Height: 6-6. Weight: 260, estimated 40: 4.70

Gronkowski  totaled 672 yards and 10 touchdowns in only 5 games, with pretty bad QB play, all the while being a solid blocker.

Scheme Fit: Power Rushing/Play action TE

Compares to: Zack Miller (Raiders)

Top 50 Pick



1. Russel Okung, Oklahoma State

Height: 6-5. Weight: 300

Amazingly strong Tackle, who is moved from the right to left side last year.  He has all the intangibles: fast kick step, GREAT blitz recognition, good size, long arms, durable (hasn't missed a game), fast to reach the linebackers, agile, and a great leader. He should be a No.1 overall pick.

Scheme fit: LT, RT in Power rushing/ Play Action Offense

Compares to: Joe Thomas (Browns)

Top 3 Pick

2. Bryan Bulaga, Iowa

Height: 6-6. Weight: 305

Another really athletic tackle out of a good linemen program. He started as at LT as a sophmore.

Scheme Fit: LT, RT in Zone Blocking Offense

Compares to: Sam Baker (Falcons)

Top 10 Pick

3. Trent Williams, Oklahoma


Height: 6-5. Weight: 310

Would have started at LT last year if Loadholt wasn't there.  He is alot like Okung, moving from RT to LT this year, but not quite as strong and more athletic.

Scheme Fit: LT in Shotgun, Zone Blocking Offense

Compares to: Tony Ugoh (Colts)

Top 30 Pick

4. Ciron Black, LSU

Height: 6-5. Weight: 315

I really thought he was gonna enter this years draft... But he is a very aware and experienced LT, but will most likely move and stay at RT in the NFL due to his slow feet.

Scheme Fit: RT in Power Rushing/Play Action Offense

Compares to: Jeff Otah (Panthers)

Top 50 Pick



1. Mike Johnson, Alabama

Height: 6-6. Weight: 305

Alabama's RT for the last 2 years, Mike Johnson has yet to miss a game. But his limited speed will probably restrict him to G at the next level.

Scheme Fit: Power Rushing/Playaction Offense LG, C, RG; Zone Blocking RG

Compares to: Stacey Andrews (Eagles)

Top 50 Pick

2. Sergio Render, Virginia Tech


Height: 6-4. Weight: 324

Having played every single down since Freshman year, Sergio Render had another, even better sophomore year. Oh, and he benches more than 425 pounds, so don't call him "Tubby".

Scheme Fits: Power Rushing LG or RG, Zone Blocking RG

Compares to: Logan Mankins (Patriots)

Top 50 Pick


1. Kristofer "Roosky" O'Dowd, USCKristofer_odowd_medium

Height: 6-5. Weight: 298

An amazingly versatile C prospect, who can play any position on the line not called LT. He dominates MLBs, and is a solid pass blocker.

Scheme Fit: Power Rushing C, LG, RG; Zone Blocking C, RG

Compares to: Jason Brown (Rams)

Top 35 Pick

That's all for now...coming up next, the Defensive prospects, and then the Mock...

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