NFC EAST Rebound Players 2009 (Redskins)

Redskins were inconsistent, good push in the middle but poor beginning and end





Jason Campbell was one of the biggest reasons for a 8-8 (I think it was 9-7) season. 13 TD's is not good in a dominant division like the East. Some of the inconsistency can be blamed for different offensive coordinators for the past 4 years.



Ladell Betts is key for the Redskins when Clinton Portis is down, which is often. One time during his 8 year career has he had over 1,000 yards. Thats impressive for a backup, but that shows his inconsistency.  Last year he played 13 games and had 61 carries for 206 and 1 TD. Ahmad Bradshaw ,third string RB, had 2 more games and 6 more carries and had 355 yards and 1 TD. Correll Buckhalter, second string RB, had 1 more game and 15 more carries (suprised b/c we pass so much) 369 yards and 2 TDs. Felix Jones  (how bout them Cowboys?) played ONLY 6 GAMES AND STARTED NONE, PLUS HAD 30 CARRIES FOR 266 YARD S AND 3 TDs. Step up Betts.


Img 070901-devin-thomas-points-at-sky_medium


Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas are huge draft busts (especially since they could have taken Desean Jackson).  Malcolm Kelly has a bigger chance of reversing his 08 forutines because he only played 5 games and had 3 receptions for 18 yards and 0 TDs. Devin played all 16 games and even started 1 game, but had only 15 receptions for 120 yards and also 0 TDs. He's the most concerning.  He's still young though. But Antwann Randel El played 16 games and only had 53 receptions for 593. He's a starting WR, inconsistent. Last year he had 2 LESS CATCHES BUT HAD 729 YARDS. 


Tied with the Cowboys of having the oldest OL at least in our division. And they allowed 38 on Jason Campbell in started in 07 when they allowed 21 on Campbell, and Campbell did even play the whole season. Age has caught up to them since 06, when they only allowed 7 sacks.




Cornelius Griffin (age: 32), Andre Carter (age: 30), Anthony Montgomery (age: 25), and Philip Daniels (age: 36). These were the starting DL of the Redskins in 08. Pretty old. Of course they got younger with Albert Haynesworth and Brian Orakpo. But still old. And not that productive. Here are the combine stats of only the starters of 08. Total tackles:  124 and Total Sacks: 9.5. Uh..............SAD. Darren Howard of the Eagles, sacks: 10!!!!. BURN!!!


 340x_medium Deangelohall_medium

Both of these guys were good. WERE. They suck. Hall with the Redskins, 7 games, 4 started, 8 pass deflections, and 2 INT's for 4 yards. Averaging 3.0 yards. Boo. Smoot, 16 games, 9 started, 7 pass deflections, and 1 INT for 0 yards. Worse. Maybe Vick can play DB better that his old teammate 

Summary: Inconsistent

Who else did I miss?

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