How the Eagles Measure Up at Some Offensive Positions is putting up some player ratings they got from Real Scouts and I just wanted to see what you guys thought about what they said so far.


Top 20 Quarterbacks

7. Donovan McNabb, Eagles. Contrary to those who think McNabb is on the decline, he set a personal career high in passing yards last year and the 23 touchdowns were his most since 2004. McNabb still has a strong, accurate arm, so this season looks promising. The line has been upgraded significantly, and potential impact players have been added at the skill positions.

Top 20 Offensive Tackles

3. Jason Peters, Eagles. Peters got some bad advice on his contract issues last year in Buffalo. As a result, he missed a lot of practice time and it showed in his play. Now that he has a long-term deal in Philly, all that is behind him and he can focus on returning to the form that made him one of the top young linemen in the league.

Top 20 Guards

4. Shawn Andrews, Eagles: Right now the Eagles are trying Andrews at right tackle. He has the athleticism to pull off that move, but he is a three-time Pro Bowl selection as a guard. He has tremendous size and athletic ability. He can dominate as a straight-ahead run blocker, but he also has the lateral movement skills to play in space. It seems he is over his injuries and bout with depression and could see a return to form playing with an improved unit this year.

20. Stacy Andrews, Eagles. We're putting him in here. Though he played right tackle in Cincinnati and got paid tackle money to come to Philly, he's been moved to right guard in the early going, and that's probably not a bad move. Though he played well outside, his 345-pound frame will serve him well on the interior. Everything about him is big, from his body, to his hands, to his height and long arms. He plays with power and can dominate as a short area blocker.

Top 10 Centers

5. Jamaal Jackson, Eagles. As Eagles' coach Andy Reid shuffled the line in the offseason, he certainly didn't even think of moving away from Jackson. He's an immovable object in the middle of the line at 330 pounds, but he also has impressive athleticism. He gets off the snap and reaches the defensive tackle quickly, and he can pull and seal the corner for perimeter runs. He'll be even better in '09, leading an improved line that added Jason Peters and Stacy Andrews.

Top 20 Tight Ends

19. Brent Celek, Eagles. After spending time in Smith's shadow, Celek takes over as the starter. Celek has soft hands and is athletic and fast enough to be a threat down the seam. This offense still runs through RB Brian Westbrook. An improved line, a healthy Westbrook and dangerous perimeter threats should allow Celek opportunities to make an impact in '09.

Also some what interseting, however not surprising, is that DeSean Jackson does not make it into the Top 20 Wide Receivers. I would have liked to see where they would have put both Stacy and Shawn on the Tackle list but I guess they cant really evaluate Shawn as a tackle yet. So lets here some opinions.

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