Reid Interview on WIP

Running transcript of sorts.

Talking draft - WIP asks right up front about the possibility of Boldin when the Eagles were drafting.  Reid states he wasn't sure the Cards wanted to deal Boldin and then goes on to talk about getting hit on both sides if you makes a "Roy Williams type deal".  Both sides meaning $10Mil year and losing a 1,3,5.

Reid talks about watching Maclin on film.  Smart player, runs a lot of different types of routes in college.  YAC ability is intriguing and return ability makes him a really nice player.  Reid talks about McCoy being the back up RB replacing Buckhalter's role.  Both players very young at 20 but are expected to contribute right away.  Reid talks about Ingram being a team captain in Florida, also on the bball championship team.  Coming off major injury, very talented. Tremendous althete, did good things in college, was a QB before Urban Meyer came to Florida.  Ingram played role of essentially a big slot receiver in college (flex TE) and did no blocking.  Top 3 draft picks looking like contributors.

On the overhauled Oline.  How they gel is very important and Reid expects it to happen very quickly.  On whether Shawn at RT is temp or permanent.  Reid says his brother can do both so he wants to see how Shawn does this offseason.  Reid keeping track on Runyan, seeing how he progresses, doesn't look promising on Eagles end.  Tra and Jon were two of Reid's favorite players while he's been here.  Who will replace Jon's snarl which was pretty contagious on the line.  Everyone expected to pick it up, now that they're vets.  Jason Peters has some attitude.

On a possible newfound love for the run based on personnel.  Reid jokingly says they're going to run every down.  Reid says he doesn't hate the run and wants to do what they need to do to win.  Goal line, red zone and short yardage have to get better.  Reid looking for more consistency.

On how Reid handled the Dawkins situation.  Really tough to watch favorite players get old.  Better than any 35 year old 'non QB' player he's ever seen.  Has to do what's right for the team.  Cap situation.  Reid stated they put together what they thought was a very agressive offer and Broncos essentially came in and blew them out of the water.  "$7MM guaranteed to a 35 yr old player is unheard of."  Saw it as a great opportunity for Dawkins.  Eagles tried to find something that worked for both sides.  Toughest part of Reid's job.

Asked about unveiling Stacy while Dawkins is signing with Denver.  Reid proclaiming it was Stacy's day - was it insensitve to Philly fans to not talk about Dawkins.  Reid talks about the signing announcements being special days for free agents.  Reid wants to do everything he can to keep it special for those players.  Fans wanted to hear from Andy about Dawkins.  Reid won't answer whether Eskin or Spadaro takes better care of him.  Reid talks about how he's responsible for the football team.  He knows if he can win games on Sunday, everyone's happy.

On Banner's comment at the end of last year saying how it's insanity that they keep doing the same things and getting the same end result.  Reid says as a coach it's almost customary to keep doing the same things.  Reid's goal is to win a super bowl.  Reid knows what his problem is.  Eagles want homefield advantage in playoffs.  Wants teams to come in here and get beat up by our fans essentially.  Eagles need to clear up the burps in the middle of the season to ensure they get homefield.

Reid asked about Kolb's 2nd half performance in Baltimore.  If Kolb pulled it out, would he have been their starting QB the following week.  Reid says no.

Reid asked about JJ's health.  Tough guy, marine, "a beast", upbeat and positive.  JJ's with the team and will be with them as long as Reid is.

Reid asked if Eskin gets better health benefits from the Eagles than he does from WIP.  Reid defers to Joe Banner on that one.


Pretty vanilla interview, nothing too exciting.  Quite frankly I want my ten minutes back.

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