dt3 mock draft

This is an older mock I did (before the cutler trade and drug test fiasco aka pissgate) in the first week of March. I know there are some players who (surprisingly) didnt appear (Wells, Oher) I just got on a roll and afterwards couldnt find a spot where they made more sense then the original pick. Definetely was going for more of a fun read then something I would consider super realistic.


Should be finishing up my next one later this week so keep an eye out for that.

1) Detroit - Aaron Curry - LB/Wake Forest -- Detroit starts negotiations solely to try and push the hand of Stafford. After seeing how much less the #1 player on their board wants then a QB who hasnt proven much they shock the league and in my opinion make the right move.

2) StLouis - Jason Smith - OT/Baylor -- Rams FO is caught off-guard by the Lions move and take a hard look at Matt but by this point they have already fallen in love with Smith (and burned bridges with Oralndo Pace).

3) KC - Eugene Monroe - OT/Virginia -- Monroe/Albert become fixtures in KC like Thomas/Runyan were here

4) Seattle - BJ Raji - DT/BostonCollege --

5) Cleveland - Brian Orakpo - OLB/Texas -- Cleveland goes with Orakpo over Brown/Maybin hoping they found the next terrell suggs to play in their 3/4 system.

6) Cincinnati - Andre Smith - OT/Bama --

7) Oakland - Jeremy Maclin - WR/Missouri -- Me Al Davis. Me like player run fast.

8) Jacksonville - Michael Crabtree - WR/TexTech -- In near record time a shocked (and enthusiastic) jacksonville FO makes the pick that ends their bad luck streak with WRs

9) Green Bay - Malcolm Jenkins - CB/OSU -- For some reason the Packers are supposedly not sold on Atarti Bigby. The Packers draft Jenkins hoping to play him at FS, trade Bigby later in the day for a 3rd round pick, and fall asleep crying, trying to figure out what to do with thousands of Raji jerseys they jumped the gun on.

10) SanFran - Mark Sanchez - QB/USC -- The story of the draft is not Sanchez going first, its the phone cam footage of Stafford and his agent going to blows over the agent not taking Detroits final offer.

11) Buffalo - Brandon Pettigrew - TE/OSU -- Who was it that Pettigrew kept getting compared to?? Oh S....

12) Denver - Vontae Davis - CB/Illinois -- Who cares about Vontae? The real story is his brother being traded to the Eagles for a midround draft pick.

13) Washington - Michael Johnson - DE/GeorgiaTech -- Mike Mamula and Vernon Gholston's **** kid finds a home in Washington. Washington fans miss the good ol days of Jason Taylor for years.

14) NewOrleans - Everette Brown - DE/FSU -- Beanie Wells is left trying to back out of a deposit for a new house in the Garden District when the Saints back out of there guarantee and make a move acquiring LT in the days leading up to the draft. Is Brown big enough to play DE in the 4-3?? The saints are so desperate for a pass rush they are forced to find out.

15) Houston - Tyson Jackson - DE/LSU -- Free Safety? Strong Safety?? Has anyone seen a Fing safety?? No... give us Jackson.

16) SanDiego - Knowshon Moreno - RB/Georgia -- Moreno/Sproles... Batman and Robin leads the team further than LT ever has.

17) NYJ - Matt Stafford - QB/Georgia -- 16 teams know they made the right decision 5 years later.

18) Chicago - Hakeem Nicks -- WR/UNC --

19) Tampa - Josh Freeman - QB/KansasState --- Tampa has been burning up the phone lines since the 8th pick but unfortunately you cant trade cap space and end up stuck at 19. They get the man they wanted but still are left wondering what could have been.

20) Detroit - James Lauranitis - LB/OSU -- Steal of the draft so far or another name on the long list of failure?

21) Philly TRADE NEW ENGLAND - rey maualuga - LB/USC -- cornerstone.

22) Minnesota - Darius Butler - CB/Connecticut --

23) NewEngland - Brian Cushing - LB/USC -- New England reunites college teammates Rey + Brian and puts together the scariest bunch of LBs in NFL. If Calvin Johnson is megatron these 4 (thomas, mayo, rey, cushing) combine to form devastator.

24) Atlanta - Connor Barwin - LB/Cinn -- Can this athletic freak pick up where Keith Brooking left off??

25) Miami - Aaron Maybin - OLB/PSU -- Maybin costs himself 20 spots (and a couple bucks) by under performing at the combine.

26) Baltimore - Clay Matthews Jr -- OLB/USC -- Clay wanted to play for the same team as his dad and gets his wish... kinda. Newsome thinks long and hard about alphonso smith but instead goes with Ravens LB superstar #127. Baltimore ends up trading Terrell Suggs later in the day.

27) Indy - Peria Jerry - DT/Ole Miss -- After lots of arguing over going with a young WR (Gonzo is great but he is a 3) the colts end up with the predictable choice.

28) Philly - Percy Harvin - WR/Florida -- Houshmandwho??

29) NYG - Derrius Heyward Bey - WR/Maryland - track star in a football players body... I want to believe I just cant do it.

30) Tenn - Alphonso Smith - CB/Wake Forest -- Smith and Finnegan make an undersized combo but they quickly form one of the top combos in the league.

31) Arizona - LeSean McCoy - RB/Pitt -- Arizona thinks Wells is the better back but think McCoy is the better compliment to Hightower

32) Pitt - Max Unger - C/Oregon - Alex Mack? Max Unger?? Alex Mack??? Max Unger!!

34) Philadelphia - Alex Mack - C/Cal -- Herremans, Jackson/MJG, Mack, Andrews, Andrews... (Pace, Herremans, Mack, Andrews, Andrews???)

47) Philadelphia - Rashad Jennings - RB/Liberty -- or a TightEnd
53) Philadelphia - William Moore - S/Mizzou -- Still cant decide between Delmas and Moore. Ask me in a week and this pick may change.
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