Eagles notes - 23 year streak ended, Maclin & McCoy's impact, Jaws is feeling good

Jack McCaffery of the Delco Times says that this draft was better late than never.

And in the NFL Draft of 2009, Andy Reid gave Eagles fans exactly what they wanted —- exactly what they wanted five years ago. It’s the Eagles’ way; it’s Reid’s way. Slow and lost on any logical timetable. Late, but in this particular case, better than never.

This time —- after so, so many failed championship attempts —- the Eagles had the inspiration to be aggressive and acquire touchdown-makers. That was what they did over the weekend. They proved to be aggressive. And they secured touchdown-makers.

He also pointed out that it has been 23 years since the Eagles drafted offensive skill position player with their first two picks.

Also from the Delco Times Bob Grotz says it's "now or never" for Reid and McNabb

Considering the overhaul the Eagles have undergone in the offseason there are no more excuses for Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb. If the head coach and his franchise quarterback don’t lift the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the 2009 season, their 11th together, it’s time to turn the page. If no job is safe, as the coaches and players always say, anything short of the Super Bowl means upper management owes Eagles fans the ultimate change. Reid has the team he wants. McNabb has more weapons than he has ever had, at least on paper. Both should be motivated, since their contracts are up in 2010. More than ever, they need each other.

While guys like Leonard Weaver and Jason Peters should make an instant impact, it's a little unfair to expect Maclin and McCoy to immediately step in here and make big contributions. By all accounts Desean Jackson, who came out of a pro style offense at college, is the exception rather than the rule as far as rookie WRs go. While I do expect Maclin to play and do some exciting things this year(esp in the return game) he's not going to start and it's too much to expect him to repeat his tremendous college production just yet.

Since RBs typically take less time to acclimate to the NFL, we're probably more likely to see an instant impact on offense from him. Still, he will only be a backup. The important thing to remember here is that both of these guys are just 20 years old. There's loads of potential there, but let's not heap unrealistic expectations on their rookie seasons just yet.

For a little optimism, we turn to none other than Jaws!

"We tend to forget they went to the NFC Championship Game last year. I look at this team right now . . . it's a better team than the one that walked off the field after losing to Arizona." said Jaworski

Can anyone deny that this is a better team than last year? Not only with the upgrades but with the fact that Brian Westbrook finally had surgery to clean out the knee that has been othering him for the last several years. There is a question of leadership with the loss of Dawkins, but talent wise this team is superior to the one that finished last year.

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