Multiple Points...

I have been a little more than irratated with some moronic comments made in recent fan posts.  Certainly, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but i think that opinions should be supported by some type of fact or maybe even factS! 

Popular Moronic Statements

1.  The front office is stupid.   Reply:  You are stupid if you think that.  (Thats right, i just went all middle school on you!)  Very few teams consistently play at the level that we play at, year in and year out.  If you cant learn to trust them by now, then you've not been paying attention to us OR the rest of the league.

2.  Lurie is happy filling the Linc and not winning a Championship.  Reply:  If you're going to look at this from the financial side and assume that Lurie is OK not winning a SB, then you are, once again, stupid.  How much EXTRA merchandise are the Steelers now selling?  How many young impressionable minds across the country watched some of the amazing plays from that super bowl just jumped on the Steeler bandwagon?  Money is made for the entire organization as soon as they win.  There is no denying why make a statement that refers to "filling a stadium" and the financial success of that, when much more of an organizations money is earned in merchandise?

3.  We need a WR.   Reply:  We dont NEED a WR.  We may all want one, and we may even get one, but our receiving corps is actually pretty good.  A healthy Curtis, more experienced Desean and a continuously improving Jason Avant is actually pretty exciting.  We often have 7, 8 or 9 guys catching balls every game.  With a spread that large, we dont NEED that true #1.  (And a true #1 in Philly is more like a top 3 WR in the league.)

4.  We havent done anything positive except sign Andrews.  Reply:  Its day 3.  Calm down.  Would you have preferred spending 1.2 trillion like Washington?  (I am referring to the Redskins, not the Economic Stimulous Package.)  The Skins just blew their wad, and still have an inconsistent and unproven QB and an offense that lacks identity...but they did improve an already strong D!!!  Smart...right???  I dont quite follow their logic...

5.  Trade McNabb and start to rebuild.  Reply:  I actually have absolutely nothing to say to this. 

6.  One poster actually said that he feels we were further away from making the SB than just 1 or 2 plays and that our coach is "inept."   Reply:  It is a FACT that we were within one defensive stop, or one offensive score of making the SB.  Our coach inept?  Let me guess....we need to run more?  He's too pass happy?  His game plan got us within ONE play of the SB.   FACT!

Overall...I am happy with our Front Office, our Coaching Staff, our Quarterback, our Wide Receivers and our chances of success again next year.  I am proud to be a part of a winning tradition, even if we havent quite gotten the ring yet.  We'll get there.  

It almost saddens me that some of the people making these statements will get to enjoy a Super Bowl victory with me one day! 

Please share your thoughts....




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