2009 Eagles Looks Great but 2010 Eagles Will be Awesome

After we win the Super Bowl 2010 look a what we will have after the draft next year


24 Brown, Sheldon  CB 5-10 200 South Carolina 8
23 Patterson, Dimitri  CB 5-10 190 Tuskegee 4 
22 Samuel, Asante  CB 5-10 185 Central Florida 7
21 Hanson, Joselio  CB 5-9 185 Texas Tech 5
31 Hobbs, Ellis  CB 5-9 195 Iowa State 5 *******RESIGNED***********

95 Abiamiri, Victor  DE 6-4 267 Notre Dame 3
94 Babin, Jason  DE 6-3 267 Western Michigan 6
58 Cole, Trent  DE 6-3 270 Cincinnati 5
75 Parker, Juqua  DE 6-2 250 Oklahoma State 9
90 Howard, Darren  DE 6-3 260 Kansas State 10

62 Jean-Gilles, Max  G 6-3 358 Georgia 4 *****F/A WILL LOOK TO DRAFT*******
77 McGlynn, Mike  G 6-4 315 Pittsburgh 2
76 Andrews, Stacy  G/T 6-7 342 Mississippi 6
79 Herremans, Todd  G/T 6-6 321 Saginaw Valley St. 5
67 Jackson, Jamaal  C/G 6-4 330 Delaware State 6
59 Cole, Nick  OL 6-0 350 New Mexico St. 4*******RESIGNED************

65 Dunlap, King  T 6-8 310 Auburn 2
74 Justice, Winston  T 6-6 320 USC 4
71 Peters, Jason  T 6-4 340 Arkansas 6
78 Tupou, Fenuki  T 6-5 314 Oregon R

2 Akers, David  K 5-10 200 Louisville 11
46 Dorenbos, Jon  LS 6-0 250 Texas-El Paso 7
6 Rocca, Sav  P 6-5 265  3 *******RFA****CHALLENGE HIM**************

53 Fokou, Moise  LB 6-1 228 Maryland R ***********DEPTH******************
56 Jordan, Akeem  LB 6-1 230 James Madison 3 *****RESIGN HIM (RFA) STARTING STRONGSIDE LB******
51 Mays, Joe  LB 5-11 246 North Dakota State 2 ******SPECIAL TEAM**********
52 White, Tracy  LB 6-0 230 Howard 6 **********SPECIAL TEAM*********
50 Witherspoon, Will  LB 6-1 240 Georgia 8 ******STARTING WEAKSIDE LB*******
57 Gocong, Chris  LB 6-2 263 Cal Poly 4 *****RESIGN HIM FOR DEPTH********
55 Bradley, Stewart  LB 6-4 255 Nebraska 3 *****STARTING MLB***********

93 Laws, Trevor  LDT 6-1 304 Notre Dame 2
98 Patterson, Mike  LDT 6-0 292 USC 5
97 Bunkley, Brodrick  RDT 6-2 306 Florida State 4
64 Dixon, Antonio  RDT 6-3 322 Miami (Fla.) R 

4 Kolb, Kevin  QB 6-3 218 Houston 3
5 McNabb, Donovan  QB 6-2 240 Syracuse 11
3 A.J. Feeley Yes HE COMES BACK

43 Weaver, Leonard  FB 6-0 250 Carson-Newman 5*******RESIGN********

34 Buckley, Eldra  RB 5-9 207 Tennessee-Chattanooga 1
32 Hill, P.J.  RB 5-10 218 Wisconsin R
29 McCoy, LeSean  RB 5-10 198 Pittsburgh R

35 Harris, Macho  S 5-11 187 Virginia Tech R
39 Demps, Quintin  S 5-11 206 Texas-El Paso 2
26 Jones, Sean  S 6-1 220 Georgia 6 **********HAS EARNED POSITION RESIGN HIM*********
27 Mikell, Quintin  S 5-10 206 Boise State 7

88 Ingram, Cornelius  TE 6-4 245 Florida R******IF NOT HEALTHY SMITH STAYS**********
87 Celek, Brent  TE 6-4 255 Cincinnati 3
82 Smith, Alex  TE 6-4 258 Stanford 5  *******DRAFT TO CHALLENGE HIS POSITION********

81 Avant, Jason  WR 6-0 212 Michigan 4 *******RESIGN********
86 Brown, Reggie  WR 6-1 197 Georgia 5
80 Curtis, Kevin  WR 6-0 186 Utah State 7
10 Jackson, DeSean  WR 5-10 175 Cal 2
18 Maclin, Jeremy  WR 6-0 198 Missouri R


1st round pick: Mike Iupati, G, Idaho
Guards typically aren't drafted in the first round. However, Mike Iupati is one of the best guard prospects to come along in a while. And Andy Reid loves massive offensive linemen. In fact, he drafted a guard in the middle of the first round six years ago. That man was Shawn Andrews.
The Eagles have pass protection issues. The Andrews Brothers experiment was a failure, so Reid will be looking for an upgrade on the interior of the offensive line this offseason

2nd round pick: Greg Romeus, DE, Pittsburgh
If Greg Romeus declares early, the Eagles will be fortunate to obtain him here. Romeus has 10.5 TFL and eight sacks this season

2nd round pick: Eric Norwood OLB South Carolina
Norwood has outstanding size for a linebacker, mainly because he converted from being a defensive end. He has great strength, can get in the backfield in a hurry with his speed, and has an amazing ability to break down plays. His mere presence forces opponents to keep tabs on him at all times

2nd round pick (M.Vick trade) Greg Hardy, DE, Mississippi
You can't ignore the immense talent of Greg Hardy. I think some team will draft him in Round 2.
If Hardy can remain healthy, he can be a dominant pass rusher. He possesses all of the qualities a team could want in a defensive end—he has good size at 6-4 265, a great first step when he is rushing the passer, and is solid against the run. One scout we talked to told us that Hardy would have been the best 4-3 defensive end in this past April’s draft if he had declared.

3rd round pick:Perrish Cox, CB/KR, Oklahoma State
Cox is a versatile player with blazing speed, especially in the return game. He can stay stride for stride with just about any opponent he goes up against and is rarely, if ever, beaten downfield. He has a good nose for the ball, is extremely athletic, and can help his team on both offense and special teams

3rd round pick ( from Seattle ):Stafon Johnson RB USC
Johnson led the team in rushing with 705 yards and nine rushing touchdowns. He is a workhouse-type of running back, one that will give you a consistent effort week after week. He has good size and decent speed, but he doesn’t wow you with either. He possesses all of the necessary skills to be a productive back at the next level. Teams covet that steady, workhorse running back and that alone could have Johnson playing on Sundays

3rd round pick (S.Andrews trade):Dennis Pitta TE from Brigham Young
Talk about a receiving tight end, Pitta caught 83 passes for 1,083 yards and 6 touchdowns last season. He has good hands, and a very good route running and can be used spilt out in the slot to stretch the field. He has good size at 6-4 246, and can block when asked, but catching the ball is his best skill as a tight end. He needs to get better as an inline blocker, and add some strength to become a complete tight end at the next level, but he isn’t that far off now

4th round pick (C.Clemmons trade): Jacoby Ford WR Clemson       
Ford doesn’t have great size at only 5-9 182 pounds but he is a fast and explosive receiver. To go along with his blazing straight line speed he has the quickness to go with it and show that when either he has the ball in his hands or when he is running routes. He also averaged 32.8 yards per kickoff return. Because of the lack of his size some teams are only going to be looking at him as a slot receiver and a return man to start out with, but could turn into more like what Steve Smith of Carolina did when he first come into the NFL.

4th round pick:Micah Johnson ILB Kentucky
Johnson shows extraordinary range on the field. The man plays with fire and can hold his own in pass coverage. His only blemish is that he tends to be overaggressive at times, but that should change once he learns how to read offenses better. Johnson nearly came out last year but changed his mind upon being told that he’d probably end up being a fifth-round pick by the NFL advisory board

5th round pick Roddrick Muckelroy OLB Texas
Muckelroy is an outstanding player at the linebacker position. He has the speed and stamina to chase down defenders as well as terrific football instincts. He led the Horns in 2008 with 112 tackles and added four for loss, four pass breakups, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery (returned for a touchdown). His 71 solo tackles tied him for 17th most in the nation. In 2007 he posted 67 tackles, six for loss, 2.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, a fumble recovery, and an interception. He has been waiting for the 2009 season to show that he has the skills and intensity to be a top college linebacker

5th round pick ( from New Orleans ) Dexter McCluster WR Mississippi
At the next level, the electrifying playmaker projects as a jack-of-all-trades role player who will be at his best with limited snaps. His best assets are his fearlessness in how he quickly reads his blocks and attacks the middle of a defense along with his fluid running style and quickness in and out of his breaks. His second gear in the open field make him a big play threat. If used properly, the little Rebel can excel in a Leon Washington-type role.

6th round from (Indi) Trevor Harris QB  Edinboro (PA)      
NFL scouts are all over Edinboro quarterback Trevor Harris. Of the 16 or 17 teams to visit with Harris, most have asked him questions not related to football. Harris is determined not to let the publicity bother him or get in the way of winning football games. He says that nothing the scouts say will help him put seven points up on the board.

 Practice Squad
# Player Name Pos HT WT College Exp
37 Roberson, Chris  CB 5-11 190 Eastern Michigan 4
25 Woodson, Stoney  CB 5-11 197 South Carolina R
41 Mailei, Marcus  FB 6-0 255 Weber State R
66 Reynolds, Dallas  G 6-4 314 BYU R
68 Isdaner, Greg R  OL 6-3 325 West Virginia R
42 Langford, Reshard  S 6-1 213 Vanderbilt R
89 Rucker, Martin  TE 6-5 260 Missouri 2
11 Collins, Dobson  WR 6-2 178 Gardner-Webb R
30 Pope, Geoffrey  CB 6-0 186 Howard 2


36 Westbrook, Brian  RB 5-10 203 Villanova 8  COULD RETIRE
54 Trotter, Jeremiah  LB 6-1 262 Stephen F. Austin 11 RELEASED
96 Gaither, Omar  LB 6-2 235 Tennessee 4 FREE AGENT RELEASED

73 Andrews, Shawn  G/T 6-4 335 Arkansas 6 TRADED FOR 2ND OR 3RD ROUND PICK
7 Vick, Michael  QB 6-0 215 Virginia Tech 8 TRADED FOR 2ND ROUND PICK
91 Clemons, Chris  DE 6-2 240 Georgia 6  TRADED FOR 3RD OR 4TH ROUND PICK

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