BGN Year End Awards(Update)

I would first like to start off by saying thanks to all the contributors here on Bleeding Green Nation. This site has been a part of my life since I joined back in March 11th. I am actually a bit mad at myself for not finding out about this site sooner. I was never the blogging type until I discovered BGN. It's the first page I check out in the morning and last page I check out before turning it in. It's the only page I check out during my break during college hours and the only page I check out on the EL going to work in Olde City. It's the only page.......hell you get the point.

Call me biased but this is the best blog in SB Nation making it the best blog in the world. The team this blog is for, the members and JasonB is what makes this site awesome. Much props go to JasonB for starting the original website Bleeding Green. If it wasn't for him and that site, we wouldn't have Bleeding Green Nation today. It's great to have true knowledgeable Eagles fans to interact with in the world of the internet. Okay okay, enough of the emotional stuff(sniffles), time to give out my awards to the top contributors of 2009 after the jump.....(remember 2009 only)




Yes, we actually have a kindle edition of BGN.

First award is MVM: Most Valuable Member

and it goes tooooo.....anyone take a guess? It's a reeeeal hard one. SURPRISE! It's Bye Dawk :(


Reasoning: This is a no brainer. I'm positive everyone will agree with me here. The guy has 130 posts and 6121 comments and counting. Pretty much all his posts are automatic Rec-a-paloozas(I made that up. Copyright 2009) Very knowledgeable and constantly representing us at the other NFC East blogs. Much props to ya BD!

Second award is Offensive Member of the Year

and it goes tooooooo.....Joe D.



What!!?? Route how come? You two have the biggest Mcnabb debates on BGN you say? It's because I don't mean football offensive, I mean offensive as in rude, obnoxious, name calling offensive. And the crowd breathes a sigh of relief. I gotta say, Jody has been in hibernation since Mcnabb has been kickin' ass the last 6 weeks.


You are too stupid

Can you fucking read? Have you any formal education past 6th grade? Did you graduate middle school? Your reading comprehension is SO bad. You’re sa ying things Ive never said. CJ, now do the rest of the populace a favor and DON’T BREED

i swaer if i met any of you fags in real life i would punch you in your faces
i never said that

get off my dick you fucking faggots..

Ummm....let's move on.

Next award is Defensive Member of the Year

and it goes tooooo.....none other than Jack is better than Asante(widely known as JIBTA)



Reasoning: They guy is under constant heat from other members which in turn makes him the most defensive one out of all of us. Just type in "bs" and "biased" in the search bar and you get JIBTA's comments like this below. lol.

bs fuckin biased eagles fans .. that deal was bs and you know it .. TO was the best wr in the game .. the eagles should of paid him. .. they were way under the cap .. he got them to a superbowl and almost won it himself .. if they would have we may have two rings by now

JIBTA, you might say some ridiculous shit but you're still my boy.


Next award is Rookie Member of the Year

Rookie = Joined within the last 4 months of the year. This award is going to the person who joined recently and has earned the most rep within the shortest period of time. And it goes toooooo......the lovely Eaglesgrl5!!


Reasoning: 36 posts, 1233 comments in just 4 months. Most knowledgeable female Eagles fan I ever interacted with. She makes the wifey seem to have an Eagles IQ of 13.  Haha. Who said girls don't know sports? Albeit most of them don't. You got my props Eaglesgrl5!


Next award is Comeback Member of the Year

This was actually a pretty close one in the Route36 fan voting. Both Andrew b and Anuj had taken a hiatus from BGN. Now, they are both back and contributing here at BGN. Because of the recent awesome posts by Andrew b, he gets the nod for the award. Comeback Member of the Year goes to Andrew b!

These are his two recent fan posts that were highly recommended.

5 burning questions about Eagles @ Cowboys

Week 16 NFC Playoff Scenarios

After someone made a suggestion, I decided to add the Special Teams Member of the Year.

This award goes to the person who adds humor to our blog and does the side stuff well that kinda goes unnoticed(kinda like ST). I actually have a tie in this one. The winners are BroadstBullies and Andyreidswaistline! They are the king of humorous pictures/links/video here at BGN. Examples below....  





Last but not least....Coach of the Year

This award can only go to one person and that's "the Professor" Whodie 126. One of the more if not most knowledgeable and rational one at BGN. With comments like the ones below, who else deserves this award?

I took your advice and I looked at this tape … and you are wrong.

First it’s a double team not one on one. Witten and Flozell Adams go at Cole and they knock him off balance which is expected 600 lbs pushing 270 lbs. Cole tries to close the hole when Flozell releases him as he is supposed to do and Witten gets on his back and pushes him into the pile, and Choice makes a great cut and scores. This is an example of a great play design but not good blocking by Witten.

Linky to the play … wait for the overhead view it’s at the beginning

Contracts are agreements between the team and the player on what they will pay him for him to work for them.  I can only explain it like this, my company is paying for my Masters I had to sign a contract saying I will stay there for at least a year after I graduate. So I can't quit without having to pay them back (sort of like paying back a roster bonus).  They can fire(cut) me anytime I won't have to pay them anything but I won't get the rest of my salary.  The contract is the obligation of the player not the team, the language can be anyway they want/agree on.  That is why you have no trade clauses and the like.  My company pays me a lot of money if they can find someone younger with less experience that can do my job they can fire me and pay the new kid less.  

Coach 'em up Whodie!



And there you have it guys and Eaglesgrl5. Your 2009 BGN award winners!

Let's start the new year with an ass whupping of the Boys' and Superbowl victory!

"Eff you, we are winning anyway!"

Happy New Year all!

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