Eagles All Decade team (offense)

Phillyphan9208 takes a pretty solid crack at an Eagles all decade offensive team. Actually, at least on offense this team pretty much picks itself.


Donovan McNabb- Without him, we wouldn't be the NFC team of the decade.  He basically carried us through the first 4 years in the decade to 4 NFC Championship games in a row.  He did have T.O. in 04, but McNabb was the one who won in the playoffs while T.O. was out with his broken ankle.  Though he was slowed by injuries in the 2nd half of the decade, but he has shown that he is still the best QB in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles.  


Brian Westbrook- The most dangerous weapon this offense has had throughout the decade, Westbrook was the perfect weapon for the Eagles offense.  He can run through the tackles, he can catch the ball out of the backfield and most importantly, he is the best pass blocking RB in football.  He has been here since 03 and no RB has even come close to his productivity while wearing midnight green.  


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Leonard Weaver- The first true fullback that we have had in a little while.  In one season, he has moved himself onto this list ahead of such names as Jon Ritchie and Dan Klecko.  This really was a no brainer because he does everything well.  He can block, runs with power and can make plays catching the ball.  This is one of the better fullbacks in the league and hopefully Andy resigns him.  


Terrell Owens- I hate to do this, but he has got to be apart of this all decade team.  His one full year here is the best season that the Eagles have gotten out of a receiver during the decade.  He had 77 catches, 1,200 yards and 14 TD's is too much to keep him off this list  even though I really don't like him.  

Desean Jackson- The most explosive player we have had since 04 (cough, cough....TO).  This was tough because of Kevin Curtis' 07, but Jackson has been better.  His 08 was more than any of us expected with his 62 receptions, but 09 is what really got him on this list.  With 12 TDs and 8 of them being of 50 yards, it would be insane not to say he has been one of our best WR of the decade.  


Chad Lewis- He was one of McNabb's favorite targets in the early part of the decade.  Being one of the reliable targets McNabb had in the early part of the decade, he caught 69 balls and had 3 TD's in 00.  Though his stats decreased from that year on, he was still the best TE we had in this decade.  LJ Smith never lived up to expectations with his injuries and Celek wasn't here long enough to overthrow Lewis from his crown.  Also, I have a little soft spot for Chad with his catch that sealed the 04 Championship game.


Jon Runyan- Our most durable linemen throughout the decade, he was the iron man of the Eagles through his 8 years here.  He signed with the Eagles in 00 and didn't miss a game from that point on with the Eagles.  He played through injuries and everything and still performed at a high level.  He is a true football player and was one of the best tackles the Eagles have had. 

Tra Thomas (aka William)- He was our left tackle since he was drafted out of Florida State in the 1998 draft until this past year.  He was durable and reliable.  He did everything well and was the offensive tackle that McNabb trusted the most with him being his blindside blocker.  He also was a Pro Bowler in 01, 02 and 04. 


Todd Herremans- Though John Welbourn could have been in this spot, I think that he wasn't here long enough and he was a pain in the ass leaving, so Herremans wins this spot.  Even though he played some LT in his rookie year, he has been a guard most of his career.  He has been a consistent force since he became the starter in his sophomore campaign and has even had a touchdown to his name.  

Shawn Andrews- Though he has been injured the past 2 seasons, he was the Eagles most dominant force on the offensive line in this decade.  Through 07, he was considered the best guard in football until he ran into his depression issues and then the back injuries.  Though he hasn't played much in the past 2 years, he was so dominate that you couldn't keep him off this list.  


Jamaal Jackson- He was our current center until his ACL tear last weekend and he has proven why he was.  The Eagles traded away Hank Fraley to give his job to Jackson after the 05 season.  He has been on the line since he beat out Fraley and was a consistent force throughout the time he started.  He create a great relationship with McNabb and has held the offensive line together through this turmoil year for it.  



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