An Eagles Christmas and Channakah revisited

Much as already been said about the Bears win over the Favre's  Vikes last night being a late Christmas gift for Eagles fans. So, with all apologies to our Jewish friends at BGN (in case I get this wrong), I propose a re-run of Channakah this season.

If I'm not mistaken - Channakah is celebrated, with not one, but eight gifts in succession. So, here is my idea of the perfect scenario in 8 belated gifts for ALL eagles fans.

Your Eight Gifts

1.) Sunday - Eagles win over Cowboys

We get first-round bye and a well-deserved rest.

We get to shut-up Cowgirl fans and embarass Jerry at his house.

A repeat of last years drubbing would be a bonus!

2.) Sunday - Giants embarass Vikings and the Cardinals beat the Packers.

First of all, it gives the Gints fans and front office an excuse to have hope and hang on to the sorry lot of coachs and players they have.

Arizona wins because I need them to for this to work.

This sets up some great match-ups in the playoffs - Dallas at Arizona  and Green Bay at Minnesota in the wild card round

3.) Wild-Card weekend - Arizona over Dallas and Minnesota over Green Bay

Why, you say?

Because they can and I want to hear the announcers slobber all over Warner and Favre (as usual).

Dallas still doesn't get a playoff win!

Plus...I have a master plan. Wait for it.....

4.) Round Two - Arizona over New Orleans.

Card offense shows-up the Saints defense as the frauds they are.

We finally hear the end of the Saints glory and, most of all, the "sainthood" of Drew Brees.


5.) Round Two - Eagles over Vikings!

At our house - in the cold- Favre shows his age!

He's sorry he ever let the Bears game get away.

He's REAL sorry he throws 3 pick's (to Samuals, Brown and Mikell).

He spends the off-season pondering his next retirement while trying to get Trent Coles image out of his mind.


6.) NFC Championship - Eagles trounce Cards!

Do you really need a reason why?

How sweet would it be to repeat last year's matchup - this time in our house. This time with a win and a trip to the big game!

Let Farve, Warner, Brees and Romo fight for time at the Pro Bowl, then give them good seats to watch McNabb and company in the the game that counts!

 7.) Super Bowl - Eagles win!

Over who? It doesn't matter.

Over Colts?

How nice it would be to beat the Manning wunderkinds three times this year. (So much for the early season predictions of a "Manning Bowl".

Over Chargers?

Because we owe them one!

Over  Patriots?

We owe them one too!

Anybody else?

Still sweet!


 8.) Super Bowl parade!

How about a 70 degree, sunny day in Philadelphia for the parade.

Not only would this be great for the fans to come out in droves, but imagine the dismay of Eagle haters everywhere. No snowballs to be thrown, prompting un-initiated sportswriters to actually come up with something else to say about Philadelphia Eagles and their fans.

 So, there you have it. We've already revisted Christmas, can Channakah come back and give us eight more holiday presents?

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