Long time reader first time poster.  The pro bowl selection is today and the eagles have many players that potentially could make it this year. The first obvious choice would be Desean Jackson.  However, stat wise, according to he only ranks 10th out of active receivers.  eliminating the afc, there are 7 in front of Jackson, he is fourth.  Behind  Miles Austin, Sidney Rice, and Steve Smith (NYG). 

Comparing him to these receivers I like his chances.  Miles Austin is playing solid football in Dallas and is more then replacing T.O.  The media he recieves in Dallas will almost defiantly lock him up a spot in the Pro bowl.  The next two in front of jackson, Rice and Smith, have used the last two games to lower the confidence in their ability.  Rice not so much as Smith, the Giants have self destructed the last 2 games.  Rice has had to deal with the farve vs childress issue so but the publicity the story is getting is distracting many fans from the actual players. even though Jackson leads fitz in stats i am under the assumption that the average fan will still have stars in their eyes and vote for The Fitz.  Even so i still think the Djax's explosiveness will have won over a sizable number of fans and that he will reach the probowl, both as a receiver and special teams. 

Miles Austin:     Rec:74     Yrds:1230      Avg:16.1      TDS:11

Sidney Rice      Rec:77    Yrds:1200      Avg:15.6       TDS:6

Jackson:           Rec:60      Yrds:1120      Avg: 18.7     TDS:9

Fitz                      Rec:94      Yrds:1075     Avg11.4        TDS:12

The next player I think is deserving is Sheldon Brown.  He started the season with many people thinking that it would be Lito all over again, to the surprise of many Brown put that behind him and has had a stellar year.  He plays aggressively and is a solid tackler.  However, with as great as he is playing i think that fans from other teams will notice something else about our defense.  That is the corner back that plays opposite of Brown, Asante Samuel.  In my opinion is that once again most fans are star sturck by the big name and will not vote fr Sheldon.  Hopefully I am Wrong.

Brent Celek is also having a Probowl Caliber year.  His year rivals that of other nfc tight ends.    On the Stat sheet Celek is behind 5 other Tight ends, but only two of these are in the Nfc. Witten and Vernon Davis lead Celek on the stat sheet, but only barely Vernon Davis is only one spot ahead of Celek while Witten leads him by a measly 3 spots.  I have confidence that Celek can Beat out Vernon Davis for a spot in the pro bowl because Davis plays for the niners, I think that davis is one heck of an athlete but the perception that the Niners are a below average team will more then likley haunt Davis (I personally think that this is retarded)

Jason Witten     Rec:88    Yrds:954    Avg:10.8     TDS:1

Vernon Davis    Rec:72     Yrds:876    Avg:12.2     TDS:12

Brent Celek        Rec69     Yrds:875    Avg:12.7     TDS:8

Trent Cole has been pressuring qbs into making bad decisions all year.  however bigger name players like osi tuck ware and Allen have been leading the polls.  once again media screws over an amazing performance

Granted these are just opinions and i could be drastically wrong.   But im predicting only two of the players listed to make the pro bowl.  Asante will make it as well.


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