The Linc - Eagles' tackles stepping up in a big way


Gonzo: About snowball problem: Lighten up | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/21/2009
The Eagles clinched a playoff spot yesterday, but my guess is that the national pundits will spend more time today talking about the fans and their behavior than they will about the Birds' postseason aspirations. That's typical. It's also a little lame. There are probably more important things to discuss. No one should ever throw anything onto the field, but otherwise - so long as no one got hurt and everyone made it home in one piece - it was largely harmless. "It looked like they were having fun," Jeremiah Trotter said. "I put my hoodie up. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't in harm's way."

Man Up: Peters, Justice protect McNabb | Philly | 12/21/2009
Jason Peters - Peters was pretty much flawless in pass protection, not allowing the 49ers to get any pressure on McNabb off the edge. McNabb had three completions of 35 yards or more. The Eagles have killed defenses with big plays all season, and a lot of credit has to go to the tackles for providing McNabb time to find receivers down the field. Pretty amazing how smooth this transition has been in the pass game to two new bookend tackles. Offensive line coach Juan Castillo deserves a ton of credit, as does the front office.

Uncharacteristic: Weaver Apologizes for Jawing
Weaver, who is in his fifth season, called the lapse "very uncharacteristic." And, he said, "I owe my team an apology, as well as the fans – even the fans that were talking trash to me (as he left the field at halftime). I’m sorry."

NFL Notebook: Bad Tackling is League-Wide
How did we get to this point? If we accept the fact that today’s athletes are bigger, faster and stronger – which they are -- why can’t they tackle?

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Eagles-Cowboys headed for prime-time? - NFC East Blog - ESPN
As Barry Horn notes in his Sports Media Blog, there's a great chance the season finale between the Cowboys and Eagles will be moved to Sunday night. The way it's looking now, that game will probably have playoff implications for both teams.

Westbrook should be cleared, Reid says | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/21/2009
Andy Reid said he expects Brian Westbrook to be cleared to play against Denver on Sunday, although he said he won’t know for sure until tomorrow. "Right now it looks pretty good," Reid said.

McNabb flourishes outside the numbers - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was 21-of-36 for 306 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. But most of his success came on outside throws. Check out these numbers provided by John Fisher of ESPN Stats & Information:

Eagles Notebook: Eagles expect emotional homecoming for Dawkins | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/21/2009
There was one thing other than playoff talk that the Eagles weren't quite ready to face yesterday. That would be the prospect of welcoming Brian Dawkins to Lincoln Financial Field next weekend in a Denver uniform.

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