A few things going into week 15

First, before I say anything, I just want to say RIP to Chris Henry.  When you have issues in your life, you turn it around, you're 26 years old, you have a fiancee, you have three kids, and you pass away tragically that's something really sad.  My prayers are with him and his family.


As you may have found out earlier or read Bye Dawk's fanpost, Vinny Cerato has resigned as the Redskins GM.  I found it odd that he didn't just wait until January as opposed to doing it now.  We all are probably aware that Jim Zorn will be fired at the end of the season; the guy is just not suited to be a head coach.  However you may not know this, but Bruce Allen, who was hired in place of Cerato, was the GM of the Buccaneers for a few season when Gruden was their coach.  Both were fired the same year.  I know many are saying that Gruden will stay in the booth, but is it possible that Gruden could become the new coach of the Redskins?  Also, I understand that they are our rivals, but I have a lot of respect for the redskins and they way they are playing and continue to play even with all of those injures.



Alot has been said of the perfomance of the defense the last couple of weeks.  All I'm going to say is that the weather DEFINITELY had an effect on the game.  Both teams missed tackles.  Keep in mind statistically we are a top 10 defense, and I guarantee that this Sunday we prove it.  They had a bad game, it happens


I hate bringing stuff about Mcnabb up on this blog, because it always accompanies itself with a much heated debate, but Mcnabb has been stellar the past 5 weeks (yes, even including san diego):

Rating            Comp               Att               Y/A           Yds           Int          TD
93.7                35                   55                8.2            450           1             2
101.6              23                   32                7.6            244           1             2
80.7                21                   35                7.4            260           1             1
101.8              14                  25                 9.5            238           0             1
110.3              17                  26                 10.6          275           1             2


Have we all found what we were looking for, consistency?  Well yeah, I would say so, but lets give it up to the offensive line.  They have outperformed the defensive lines of our opponents that past month and then some.  It's pretty simple, give #5 some time, some weapons and he's unstoppable.  We have the weapons so lets just hope that the O-line can continue their continuity.  By the way, I know this Jason Peters talk has been killed and put to rest several times, but as dominant as he has been, and really is, keep in mind the guy has been injured all season and even in training camp.  Don't debate what the Big man sees in offensive lineman, he seems to always know what hes doing in that department


If you watched the Zona niner game, you noticed that the niners D dominated.  It came because the offensive line of the Cardinals played terrible and it affected kurt warner big time who had a pretty bad game.


Speaking of the Big man, when is the last time you saw a wasted timeout or bad clock management?  When is the last time you saw consecutive weeks of a balance of run and pass?   Me neither.  Perhaps those chest bumps from Jackson have knocked something loose


Glad to see the Cowboys "Dismember December"© has continued, and not to be devil's advocate, but playing the chargers, saints, a tough redskins team, and us, are any of us really that suprised?  The Chargers exposed an average secondary that we should dominate Week 17.  By the way, no Ware this Sunday means NO WIN.  Even with Ware, don't expect an upset


The biggest problem with this team is that we can never click on all sides of the ball.  Our offense either dominates or our defense either dominates.  Lets hope we can fix that problem as we enter the playoffs.  I've also noticed a decrease in special teams penalties.  


I'm starting to worry that Jackson's excellence in punt returns might come back to haunt us.  I can see a lot of punters doing whatever they can to keep it out of his hands.  Speaking of Jackson, I'm pretty sure we have voted him in the pro bowl a billion times already and we are all pretty upset that he isn't in the lead.  Just keep in mind that fans get 1/3 of the overall vote (coaches, etc.).  Jackson will be in the pro bowl as a receiver and a punt returner....MARK MY WORD.  One more thing about Jackson, when he gets into the secondary and is one on one with a safety, hes one word: GONE.  Imagine what his numbers would be like if he was asked to do what Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald do.


In my humble opinion, vernon davis is currently the best TE in the nfl.  Not just because of his abilites to catch, run, and block, but because of the system that he is in in San Fran.  That spread offense with Alex Smith throwing quick throws over the middle is dangerous, but does not scare me this Sunday.  Speaking of the Shotgun spread, the 49ers use that formation a lot, and despite their below average O-line, they give Smith enough time to get the football out.  Here's hoping that the front 4 can get pressure.  Expect a multitude of blitzes as always


Gore scares the hell outta me.  The guy is a powerful inside runner.  In other words, Bunkley and Patterson have to bring their A game to shut him down.  Crabtree has also proved he's legit, but against a secondary that now have something to prove because of last weeks game, I expect him to be a non factor.  I expect Mikel, Jones, Brown, and Samuel to step it up big time as well.

Because Alex Smith is the QB, if we get up early and maintain a lead and some TOP, we should win easily.  The guy can't play when his team is down.  A close game is our worst enemy.


A couple of weeks ago (I believe after the Falcons game) I said that Vick solved our redzone and short yardage problems.  Several disagreed with me, all I can say is.....I TOLD YOU SO!  Seriously, I don't know about the rest of you guys, but the past few weeks everytime I see vick on the field get giddy.


Regarding the whole Westbrook situation, I expect to see him come back before the playoffs (although either way I wouldn't care as long as he DEFINITELY plays for us in the playoffs).  I say that we see him earlier, because of past seasons we relied on Westbrook to carry this team almost single handedly.  Now, we won't have to rely on him heavily because of guys named Jackson, Celek, Mccoy, Maclin, and the Number 5 playing his best.  I wouldn't be suprised to see Mccoy, start for the rest of the season even if Westbrook comes back by next week.

I gotta say it again just cause it sounds so great...we are in the playoffs and we have Westbrook, Mccoy, Weaver, and Buckley in our backfield (along with Vick too) *wipes saliva from mouth*


I hope Kevin Curtis plays so that he can hopefully get into form for the playoffs.  I see him as a number 4 receiver (Jackson, Brown, Avant, and Curtis)

Apparently Celek's back was hurting worse that we though last week.  Luckily he says his back and his thumb feels great and he'll be fine this Sunday.

 I really wanna see Rucker in some TE packages.  Apparently the dude can run and Reid is really high on him


...OK, I'm tired, I wrote this cause I had some time since I finished my last final today (THANK GOD)

My prediction: Eagles 31
                         49ers   17

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