What we know moving on, and things I think should happen...

Things we know:

Desean Jackson is the man. Make no mistake, this kid is tough, fast and will absolutely take a game over. He is the #1 reciever people have been screaming for. He demands double and even tripple teams, he is a monster returning punts also. Desean Jackson will no doubt be a weapon for years to come. I truely feel that by the end of next year Desean may be considered the best WR in the league.

Jeremy Maclin is yet another WR to step up duing their rookie campaign. Sure he is hurt but he has definantly exceeded expectations. He has already shown that the Eagles made the right choice on moving up to get him. He is truely benefiting from Djax demanding the double coverage and is a monster on those slant routes. He is also a verticle threat and should have an even better sophmore campaign.

Weaver. Well there shouldnt be much explaining here. The dudes a monster. RESIGN HIM!!!!

McCoy has shown why he is a 2nd round pick. He has done an exceptional job of filling in for Westbrook. I have noticed that he's quit trying to dance around in the hole and he's been taking what he can get. He will make an awesome 2 headed monster with Weaver. I think McCoy was our best pick this year(value wise)

The O-line is somewhat of a downer this year although they are playing some damn good football right now... Did anyone see Herremans take 2 men out with one block on Vick's TD run???... Well I think that we've definanly make the best of what we have had. MJG is a good guard but he's still missing some explosion out of the leg he with the hurt ankle. Nick Cole has definantly earned a big contract, the dude has been awesome. Justice has redeemed himself in my book, we didnt even hear his name in a negitive manner in 2 games against the giants. Peters is a monster and Herremans is right along with him.. Has anyone noticed that they have a little nasty streak going on there? and J. Jackson has been solid as usual.

Brent Celek. The man really has earned a probowl nomination. He has done nothing but tear people apart this year. And he improved his blocking alot. If he doesnt make the probowl then there is a serious problem with the NFL.

The defense has been fantastic at times and terrible at times. This is because of injuries to key players. But they have kept fighting and have really began to gel as a unit. I think once its playoffs time they will kick it into a level we havent seen before.

Things I think should happen:

(1) Tracy White should get some more playing time. He almost chased down Nicks in the Giants game. He is pretty good in coverage and is a threat to pick off the ball. He is also pretty big and can play all three LB positions.

(2) McCoy should continue starting with Westbrook/Weaver spelling him. Prolly a 50-50 split with Weaver as the short yardage and goal line guy.

(3) We need to run more screens to Djax, he's a monster in the open field.

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