The Linc - Sweep the Giants edition

Speedy WR burns Giants' defense -
When Giants Stadium is ready to come down, maybe DeSean Jackson can serve as the TNT. The Eagles receiver proved he's explosive enough last night.

Eagles' offense comes through with 12-play drive | Philly | 12/14/2009
A look back at the best Eagles drive of the year.

Paul Domowitch: Now Eagles aren't wasting time with Vick | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/14/2009
It has taken Michael Vick a little while to chip away much of the rust from his nearly 2 years behind bars. Longer than he thought, and probably longer than Andy Reid thought. But the Eagles coach's controversial August decision to sign Vick is starting to pay off.

DeSean Jackson following in Westbrook's footsteps | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/14/2009
Where began the thrill ride of Brian Westbrook continued the emergence of his apparent successor. As a second-year player, Westbrook streaked 84 yards for a game-winning touchdown in the waning moments of the Eagles' visit to the Meadowlands in 2003. Almost ever since, the Eagles leaned on Westbrook to carry their offense. Now, in his second season, DeSean Jackson has become the sort of weapon Westbrook was: lethal and, sometimes, undefendable.

Giants blow chance to gain control of NFC East -

Fifteen seconds. That's how long it took for the shabby Giants defense to turn what might have been a rousing and improbable comeback victory into just another example of why they are second-rate this season.




'Kudos & Wet Willies:' Missed opportunities edition - Big Blue View
'Kudos & Wet Willies' review: Giants just could not make enough plays

Eagles defenders couldn't bring the Giants down | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/14/2009
Last night's Eagles-Giants game had everything, it seemed, except for tackling.

Giants run out of bullets in a shoot-out | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/14/2009
After the New York Giants scored 38 points on 512 yards of total offense, quarterback Eli Manning still was critical of his offense. That's because it didn't do enough.

With 4th straight win over Big Blue, Philadelphia Eagles clearly own New York Giants
This is not a fluky or ethereal streak. The Eagles' domination has been going on for some time. McNabb is 12-4 lifetime against the Giants, who look wide-eyed and ineffective during the Eagles' most ambitious, damaging plays on offense and returns.

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