Random Thoughts About the Game

Yeah I know this is a cliche post to sum up my feelings after a great game, but I haven't posted in a while so here goes nothing.








Micheal Vick

Did anybody notice a difference in Vick's usual approach last night?  Instead of hitting the hole full speed, he would almost casually trot towards the line of scrimmage, wait for things to develop, and then gash the Giants for either a TD or 1st down conversion (which is becoming his thing now).  Even the passing play to DeSean in the 1st quarter was beautifully designed.  Kudos to Reid for adapting and changing the way he uses Mike Vick, especially in the run game. 


LeSean McCoy & Leonard Weaver

These two combined for a total of 61 yards on the ground, so I wouldn't say last night was a huge showing for the running game.  We did, however, score two TD's in the red-zone with our ground attack (Vick + Weaver), so that has to count for something. 


DeSean Jackson

Does this guy even have a ceiling?  Seriously.  I thought he would come back slow and hesitant after his concussion but boy was I wrong.  DeSean Jackson is the definition of a weapon.  250+ all-purpose yards, 1 receiving TD and 1 return TD.  Unbelievable. 


Andy Reid

The Big Man had an excellent game.  He came in with an excellent game plan on offense, didn't have any major time management gaffs from what I remember, and most importantly had his team ready to play.  He was 1 for 2 on challenges, but the one that fell our way denied the Giants a TD so it was a good one.  And let's not forget the chest bump with DeSean Jackson.


Offensive Line

I'm not too great at breaking down offensive line performance, but I thought they had a good game.  They only allowed one sack all night I believe, and really gave McNabb a ton of time to let our deep routes develop.  Very few penalties called too. 



He had a great game last night, and that's all there is to it.  McNabb had very few mistakes aside from that interception he threw.  His long ball was connecting with targets all night, and his pocket awareness was great.  He even stepped out of the pocket and ran for some yards a few times too. 


Jeremiah Trotter

This could be just me, but I thought he had one hell of a game last night.  It seemed like every play ended with Trotter wrapped around someones ankles.  I mean the guy was all over the place.  At one point, my friend and I deliberately watched Trotter before the snap to see what he would do.  He kept stunting behind the line, and then when Eli snapped the ball he punched through the OL and looped all the way back around to get a shoestring tackle on Ahmad Bradshaw.  He showed great hustle last night, even in pass coverage when he almost pulled in that interception in the 1st quarter. 


Quintin Mikell

One of his worst games I can remember.  Poor tackling, stupid penalties, and he got beat in coverage several times.  Let's hope we've seen the worst of Mikell. 


Asante Samuel

Another night of atrocious tackling from #22.  He did break up some big deep passes, but ultimately he's got to get interceptions to make us forgive his poor technical skills when tackling.  There was one play where he cheated up to the line of scrimmage to jump a route, and Eli just threw right over his head for a deep completion.  The Sunday Night Crew caught him red-handed on that. 


Sheldon Brown

Not a great game by his standards.  The hamstring could be bothering him because he sure looked sluggish throughout most of the night.  He even whiffed on a few tackles, which is uncharacteristic of him. 


Player of the Game - Mario Manningham

Thank you, not only for stepping out of bounds on TWO touchdown catches, but also for making sure to wear bright red shoes so the officiating crew could easily deny you your 12 points.

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