Forget the Turkeys...Have a Thanksgiving with the Eagles!

Tomorrow, November 26th of 2009, we will come upon another annual holiday celebrated around the country (and of course in some other select regions). In case you’ve been out of it, the day of Thanksgiving occurs tomorrow, in which we participators in the yearly festival honor the previous servitude of pilgrims, families, and–for those involved in religious organizations–God’s leadership and providence. Most consume overwhelming and ridiculous amounts of food (usually turkey) during the entire ordeal, but I am asking you to–for once in your celebratory holiday career–ditch that winged bird for another…our beloved Eagles. Well, not really, but with the time to relax and reflect, I just wanted to send out a cheerful “Happy Thanksgiving” to all.

Put your football worries aside for a while and enjoy the festivities. And then later in the day, of course, tune into the traditional Thanksgiving day games, which this year will feature two of the Eagles’ rivals–the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. While rooting against them, be sure to catch Philadelphia’s 90th anniversary of their largely popular Thanksgiving Day parade, now sponsored by 6abc and IKEA. In fact, I will be present in the streets of Philly–the home of the Birds–during this celebrated event. Although none of the Eagles themselves will be featured in the parade, you will get a glimpse of the team’s official cheerleading squad if you indeed watch.

To conclude this brief pre-holiday article, take a look at what Eagles’ QB Donovan McNabb had to say regarding tomorrow’s special value, as well as a few thoughts on his own birthday, which occurred today:

“Today was my 33rd birthday and I’m so grateful for the many blessings I have received.

First of all, I have four great kids. That’s right…I said four…my beautiful 5-year old Alexis; my twins, Sariah and Donovan who turn one next week; and Devin James who was born last Friday night.

[I also am thankful for] my wife, Raquel, whose beauty and strength I admire every day. [I thank] my parents and brother who continue to be my strongest fans and my toughest critics!

My family pitched in tonight in a very big way. First of all, everything we do for [my] Donovan McNabb Fund is a group effort. But tonight, we really had some people [who] help[ed] make a difference. One of our yearly goals is to help out some people around the holidays. Under [Raquel]’s leadership, we have done that for many years. Well, with the baby being born this past weekend and our practice schedule getting ready for the Redskins, [Raquel] and I couldn’t appear in person but had to count on a few people to help serve Thanksgiving dinner to the families at Stenton Manor in Mt. Airy.

First off, my mother and father attended to let those in attendance know the entire McNabb family cares about them. I must thank Danette James from Da-Network Housing who organized the event and got everybody on the same page. I also have to thank Sonny DiCrecchio and the Philadelphia Regional Produce Market for donating all the food. A special thanks go to the wives and families of some of my current and former teammates [Megan Brown (Reggie), Tammi Trotter (Jeremiah), Maggie Jean-Gillies (Max) and Loretta Runyan (Jon)] who pitched in and served the food.

[By the way, speaking of which...] congratulations to Jon Runyan. He signed with the San Diego Chargers yesterday and pledged to help them for the remainder of the season before retiring and seeking a career as a N.J. Congressman.”

(picture source)

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