Stuff my wife doesn't care about...

I was trying to talk to my wife during the game about some facets of this Eagle bunch, since I was watching the game at home, and she didn't really care.  So since I have nobody at home who loves football as much as I love football, I'm going to bounce them off you.


1. Do you think that our spasmatic running game has more to do with Andy's love of  throwing the ball or the fact that Peters is back in the line up?  I thought that with him in there we really were able to handle that side of the defensive alignment.  Also, was it just me or did we just keep running it off tackle and off guard effectively because of him?  Also, loved his pick up of the corner blitz.

2.  The one thing I have to say about Maclin that puts him well above DJax is his ability to get position on a CB.  Is it really a surprise that the slants keep coming to Maclin since he is able to cut to the inside and outplay his man.  This is twice now that McNabb has thrown interceptions directly to defenders off of slant plays, and I'm more inclined to think that Don is "trusting" his receiver to make a play.  With Maclin, he gets in there and fights for the inside position, Jax just doesn't stick his nose in there.

3. The one thing over the past couple of weeks that I've noticed is that usually we've been giving up on the I-formation for most of the games we've played.  It always seemed like when we were going to run it was predictable, and mostly out of a single back set.  But when we passed, it was also predictable just in our alignment.  It was nice to see andy keep those backs in there running, and passing, out of a strong running alignment. 

4. We need to send a fruitbasket to Cutler.

5. I like how they talk about Avant as if he's in the same "new guy" group with Maclin and McCoy.  Avant has been "Mr. Clutch" for a long time now.  I need to buy an Avant jersey.

6. Somebody has to tell Asante that he's not allowed to jump routes unless he has safety help over the top at all times.  I know that he's gotten quite a few INTs that way, but he bites hard on those pump fakes.

7.  Who else likes how Mr. Jones likes to throw the body around like a FS from the "olden days" ?

8.  I would rather see them stay with weaver in the FB position and keep the two back sets in with Eldra Buckley taking a quarter of the snaps with Westbrook out.  Running from the single back set is fine, but if you go three wide and the opposing team is staying in their base defense, you're going to have to be crafty to get your running game going.  But if the eagles keep a FB in the back field with a blocking tight end, we can just man up our blocks and pound it...Just saying.  (I like how in pass protection, people always talk about how we have the biggest O-Line in the league, but when it comes to run blocking nobody says anything about their enormous girth.  Just saying.)

9.  Come 2011 this offense should be frightening.


Alright, I'm done.  Thanks for reading.

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