Stop blaming reply to Spadaro's article about lack of scoring in the last 2 minutes of regulation

Per Spadaro's recent article:

"The last time the Eagles won by scoring in the final two minutes of regulation was a 23-20 win over Oakland in 2005. "


Here are my thoughts:

1) We stink so much in the last 2 minutes of big games. Play calling, game planning and mismanagement of timeouts in 2 minute to go situations are the bigger reason this is the case.

2) Hope you all haven't forgotten so quickly that we had no two minute offense in the superbowl game against the Pats? That was not a result of McNabb being unclutch.

3) During the final two minutes when teams are trying to hold on to the lead, they play prevent/soft shell defense to limit down the field throws. Unfortunately our offensive play callers continue to dial up vertical routes, as we have not learned to take the underneath throws the defense gives us when we get them. These vertical routes of course don't open up often against a 2 minute defense at the end of the game trying to prevent big plays, therefore...ballgame!

4) Have you forgotten so quickly how often after a loss Andy Reid says "they were playing a soft shell"? This means they were trying to prevent big plays, hence our offense could not move the ball.

5) On potential game winning drives, the coaching and playcalling is just as important as the QB....if he isn't put in a position to succeed then he probably will not.

6) I hope you all realize that the offensive playcalling is much different with Garcia or Kolb under center than it is with McNabb under center. When anyone but McNabb is under center, the pass-run ration is more balanced, and in fact  the types of WR routes run on the called passes involve more slants, drags and curls. The emphasis is more on longer drives. With McNabb, Reid keeps trying to hit big plays with every throw. Go back and watch these games if you doubt me.

7) I'm not sure what the reason for this playcalling difference is.  I have a few theories. Reid either has too much confidence in Donovan's arm strength or is trying to hide McNabb's inaccuracy on shorter routes. Or he's just being an idiot.

8) Not saying McNabb is blameless...just saying I would like to see an actual two minute offense in a big game, where Big Red makes smart decisions with the clock and timeouts, and plays are called that actually have a chance of being successful in that situation. If McNabb doesn't come through in that scenario, then you can undoubtedly put the blame on him.

9) And don't tell me "if it were this simple, Andy Reid would have figured it out" because you know that's not true. Clearly he has a history of making the same mistakes over and over again despite everyone and their mama knowing what needs to be done to correct the mistakes.

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