Goat milk anyone?

I was a little confused as to what title I should use for this post. I was gonna call it "Men who stare at goates" or something else with a "Goat" reference. That because we have plenty of goats to go around.

Lets start with the biggest goat of yesterday.

Andy Reid: I love Andy, and its well documented how my love for this man has been manifested in past post. But yesterdays game plan reiked of suckdom. It was as sucky as possibly suckable can be. First off, we only ran the ball 14 times, we used hardly any wildcats, most pass patterns seemed to be designed for deeper routes. No screens, no quick TE hitches, little bootlegs or even shot gun. Or even the use of a quick pitch out to the RB to slow up the rush. Some thing. How bout a quick 1,2,3 and out pass pattern. You know quick drops stuff. But no, we got long developing plays, with a QB known for taking his time on those passes.

We could have used some sucker screens to soften those blitzes, you know, where you let them rush to dink the ball behind the rush. Something. But Andy of course dropped the ball on that.

Offensive line: Max, you sucked horribly yesterday. King Dunlap should be ashamed of himself for getting bullrushed to the ground like he did. Nick Cole looked Horrible. And where was Stacey? I didn't even see him. Was he injured? I saw MJG and Nick alot, and it was unflattering to say the least.

News flash everyone, the Raiders didn't blitz as much as it seemed. Our offensive line couldn't block the front for alone. Time to time you saw a blitz here and there. But most times I was just 4 or 5 defenders coming in. And we just could block them.

Donovan McNabb. Dude, as a NFL QB, you gotta be able to make a quick read and pass. Something for 4-5 yards. Every pass doesn't have to be a bomb. I don't want to remind you that your backup is great at quick short stuff, but you on the other hand think this is Madden '10 and try to throw bombs on every play. Hit the sticking short man from time to time. Are you capable of it? If not, just step aside already. If your weakness is short passes, then maybe all McNabb apoligist should just come to a realization that you can only throw deep. We needed short yesterday!

Trotter looked bad, but how bout Mikel missing a tackle and Asante getting thrown around like a rag doll by Louis Murphy.

Overall, I would have to admit, I would rather lose against the Raiders than the Redskins. So I hope they are humbled and stay hungry and take apart those Redskins.

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