Mother son of a gun

Wow........Just wow......

I guess the Eagles find a way to pull off a loss that 99% of us were surely not expecting......I mean, i am freaking ashamed at how the eagles played today. 9 freaking points. 13 for the raiders. And i thought that we were supposed to be an upper tier team. I guess thats no more than an afterthought now. Yea yea i know its only 5 games so far we still have 11 more to play, and i also didnt forget the disastrous 5-5-1 situation last year.....

Anyways regardless of this pathetic, lowly, spineless, heart-wrenching, gutless, lousy effort by the eagles today, i hope they manage to kill the redskins next week. Atleast a plus for this week was that all the other nfc east teams lost.....

My opinion of the game -

Negatives first....

Pathetic defense. Over 300 yards allowed to a team that has been averaging less than 200 yards per game. Plus their QB goes for over 200 yards and over 50% completion. Unbelievable, considering that he had less than 50% completion asverage for the season. Also, the defense couldnt come up when we desperately needed it (the 3rd and 10 play where we needed to stop em or we would lose for example).

Special teams shouldnt really be considered a negative, but im including david akers in this, so thats why it earns a spot in the negative column. Although we had okay punt returns and kick returns, and actually pretty good punting by sav rocca imo, im gonna have to dump the blame onto david. I mean, one missed FG i understand, but 2? Thats a bigggggg no no. if we had those back, we would have won. I hang my head in shame at u akers.....

Oh i forgot one thing. Drops. Jesus god, i think we had more than 5 drops by our receivers today. UNBELIEVABLEEE. Jesus CHRIST!! Especially when we needed our receivers to make plays, they dropped them especially that one play i remember where celek dropped it on 3rd down. if he caught that, it would have been 1st down and would've kept the drive alive. And the playcalling! OMG. Im not even gonna go into that.


Welll, the penalties were non-existent for the eagles. Atleast there wasnt a penalty flag every other play, and i think the special teams didnt have any penalties either if im correct. Cant really say much else. Offense was okay, but couldnt get any points going. Donnie got over 250 yards passing, and our running game wasnt the best. However, Westbrook did get a couple of nice runs, but he needs to do that a lot more. Not once every 10 plays. Desean and Celek were mediocre (except for their long receptions, where Desean had a nice 50 some yard diving catch, and Celek had a 40 some yard catch and run).

Other comments....

I dont really have many comments, but i have to say that i wanted to personally f-word the refs in todays game. Screw being nice, the refs were bull****. I saw at least like 5 plays where there should have been a penalty but there wasnt. Freaking bs. I am disgusted at the refs, and at our Eagles....

Well thats what i have on my mind for now....feel free to vent your anger here because i know i was definitely pissed at the eagles and at the end result.

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