The Trade Block

Ladies and Gents, we're getting near that time of year. We've seen some big time deals go down, like the Roy Williams trade, over time, and as we inch closer to Tuesday's trade deadline, it is worth taking a look at who around the league is on "the block".

1. DT Glenn Dorsey, Chiefs 

Dorsey was proclaimed the next Warren Sapp due to his amazing ability to get to the QB in college, and he had a nice year for a rookie DT last season, posting 42 tackles and a sack. This year, the Chiefs had an ownership overhaul and has moved to the 3-4 defense.  Because Dorsey was more of a finesse DT, and only weighs 300 lbs, the NT position wasn't an option. However, the postion of 3-4 DE (which he has played at) isn't suited for him either, being as he is only 6-1.5 tall. The 3-4 DE position is more for tweener DT/DEs who are tall, such as 3rd overall pick Tyson Jackson; who interestingly enough played with Dorsey at LSU, albeit in a 4-3 defense with Dorsey as a nose tacke (Left DT in a 4-3) and Jackson at Left DE. Dorsey is built to play as a 4-3 nose tackle, and thus has no home on the Chiefs roster. Even better, the current Chiefs "people" (front office, head coach, etc) generally dislike Dorsey's upside.  He will be traded at some point, most likely before the deadline because his cap hit is still minimal only being in the second year of his rookie 5 year deal, and he will go to a 4-3 team where he'll fit in.

He is the top guy on the market, being as he is just one year removed from being the 5th overall pick, and having a good year for a rookie tackle (at least, given the circumstances of the team he played for). There are a lot of 4-3 teams hungry for a good nose-tackle, so Dorsey will yield a good return for the Chiefs. 

Potential Suitors: Panthers, Buccaneers, Bills, Falcons, Rams, Texans.


2. Nnamdi Asamougha, CB, Raiders

Nnamdi is hands down, the best defensive player in the league. He plays man coverage every single play, and does not get beat, hell, he doesn't even get thrown to. The Raiders are about to have a firesale, to rebuild their crumbling franchise, and Nnamdi would be the first to go to yeild lots of draft picks. 

Potential Suitors: Titans, Ravens, Cardinals...everybody...


3. Derrick Johnson, 4-3 OLB / 3-4 ILB, Chiefs

Johnson is another victim of a forced defensive shift to the 3-4 in Kansas City. Johnson was also a heralded prospect; in the 2005 draft, he was expected to go top 5, but slid to 16 where the Chiefs snagged him. Johnson put up great seasons as a Strong Side Linebacker, and was especially good against the pass due to his great speed for the position. He has never put up less than 75 tackles in a year, because with his great speed, are great instincts for a LB. At age 26, his career looked to be on the upside, but then the new regime made him an inside linebacker in the 3-4, and he now rarely plays, let alone start. But, as a testament to his abilities, in the little time he has played (mind you, NOT starting), he has a sack and an interception. 

Johnson is the best of a bunch of good, young linebackers who are seemingly available for trade. However, his lack of a starting spot will make him a less profitable trade-piece for the Chiefs.

Potential Suitors: Saints, Eagles,  Falcons, Bills


4. Brady Quinn, QB, Browns

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Even after Derek Anderson's 2-17 performance against the Bills last week, Quinn is sitting on the bench. This tells me that Mangini has no intention of letting Quinn develope, and hence, has given up on him. This makes no sense, being as the kid has been in the league for so little time, and has sat for most of it, and when he was thrown in the fire, his offense completely died on him. Quinn may have a fine future, but it will not be with the Browns. 

Potential Suitors: 49ers, Panthers, Redskins, Bills, Jaguars, Seahawks, Rams


5. Shawn Merriman, 3-4 Strongside Rush Linebacker / Rush End, Chargers

Merriman has worn out his welcome with the Chargers brass, is recovering from a serious injury (ACL+MCL tears, which really require 18 months to be 100%), and already had his replacement drafted in Larry English.  Merriman has the versatility to play as a 3-4 or a 4-3 linebacker, and even can play some defensive end. 

Potential Suitors: Browns, Patriots, Packers, 49ers, Chiefs, Cowboys


Other names:


Aaron Kampman, 3-4 OLB / 4-3 Left End, Packers

Julius Peppers, 4-3 Right End or Left End...potentially 3-4 OLB, Panthers

Thomas Howard, 4-3 Weakside Linebacker, Raiders

Kirk Morrison, 4-3 Middle Linebacker / Strongside Linebacker, Raiders

Vince Young, QB, Titans

Shaun Rodgers, 3-4 Nose Tackle, 4-3 Nose Tackle, Browns

AJ Hawk, 3-4 ILB / 4-3 Weakside LB, Packers

Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Seahawks

Lendale White, RB, Titans

Michael Bush, RB, Raiders

Kevin Curtis, WR, Eagles

Limas Sweed, WR, Steelers

Larry Johnson, RB, Chiefs

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