You KNEW this was coming...

In unrelated news, you knew that this was going to listen as we slowly hear the wheels fall off of the car.


"It's no secret, when I get the ball things move, we move," said Owens, who was held to just two catches for 17 yards in last Sunday night's victory over Green Bay. "If not, you see a stagnate in the offense."

Owens, who said last week that he didn't mind getting fewer touches when the team wins, was frustrated he didn't get enough opportunities to make plays.

"Most of the time, I was getting in my routes and coming out of them, the ball was already going in another direction," he said. "They were really congesting the middle, played a lot of bump and runs, safety over top."

From ESPN:

"Everybody recognized I wasn’t getting the ball in the first half," Owens said. "People in the stands recognized it. I think my team recognized it." 

"Was he good statistics-wise?" Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo asked after the game.   Considering how frequently the Cowboys went to Owens, they were hoping for more than good.  Owens finished with seven catches for 71 yards and a touchdown, and two carries for 11 yards.In the first half of Sunday’s game, however, it was obvious the Cowboys were going to try make Owens a major part of the offense.   They threw eight passes his way in the first half, one of which was negated by a Redskins penalty. He finished with two catches for 11 yards.

I was expecting this kind of non-sense from Mr. Owens a lot sooner but it just goes to show you how he is EXACTLY the same asshat that he was in Philly.  He never changed, his ego never shrank, and he still can't seem to hold onto the ball 50% of the time.  Of course, he blames it on the offensive play calling and the decision making of Tony Romo, but then again, out of 60 or so plays that they called over 20 of them went to Owens...1/3 of the offense was predicated on Owens getting the all, out of at least 6 offensive men on the field, they went to Owens 1/3 of the time...I don't understand his logic in thinking that they weren't giving him enough touches but I do think he should take a lesson in how to catch the ball from Austin and Witten. 

Furthermore, to the Redskin fans, I'll only say this once: Nice game on sunday and thanks for leaving the NFC East wide open. 

Who wants to place bets that if the Cowboys lose in the playoffs that they go 6-10 next year with Owens needing to be retired/benched/traded...damn that karma is coming around.

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