Ramsey, dread locks, the return game, and steroids!

First, the release of LaJuan Ramsey was due to the fact he wanted to be traded. According to Gary Cobb, Ramsey read the writing on the wall when Eagles used their first pick on Notre Dame's defensive tackle Trevor Laws.

Ramsey was picked up by the 49ers off of waivers but was claimed by the Patriots and the Giants also.




In slightly more interesting news, a blog dedicated to athletes with dreads ranked the 20 top defensive backs with dreads.

Eagles own Asante Samuel was ranked #6.



The rest of the list can be found here.


If you're an avid Eagles fan you know very well about the lack of threats the Eagles have had in the return game. Not since Brian Westbrook or Brian Mitchell have we seen a return man able to take it to the house with blazing speed and nasty cut moves.

According to GCobb RB Lorenzo Booker will take care of KR duties and WR DeSean Jackson will be the PR backed up by S Quentin Demps.

Both Demps and Booker possess 4.4 forty speed and Booker has shown he has the moves to make defenders miss. DeSean is the fastest of the three and every Eagles fan in America hopes he can duplicate the success he had in college as an electrifying PR.

Is this the year the Eagles FINALLY pose a threat in the return game?


In news around the league, Terry Bradshaw admitted to using steroids back when he won Superbowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers.



This news is significant because it provides more evidence that professional athletes use Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids in order to enhance their performance. Now, I'm not advocating steroids by any means, but I myself have been around plenty of athletes and steroid users to know a little more about them then the general public does.

I will say I believe the general public needs to know that more of their hero's are using these drugs than they think. One player gets caught, he gets made into a villain by the media, and then branded as a cheater by the fans. When in reality, a lot more players are on them then just the one who was made a villain. Steroids are like cock roaches, if you find one player using them, there's probably a lot more that haven't been caught yet.

With that being said I would like to encourage sports fans to watch the recently released "Bigger, Faster, Stronger." It's all about performance enhancing drugs -- and it offers a side you've probably never heard before.





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