2008 Eagles


Eagles 2008


Well we all know it is sometimes tough being an Eagles fan, it definitely has its ups and downs.  This coming season we can all look forward to a new beginning.  During this off season, changes have been made to really help the team to go to the next level.


Last year we had Sheppard, Brown, Hanson & James.  When Sheppard was hurt we brought in Hanson and did a fine job.  William James should have never made the team last year.  He got burnt on quite a few plays last year.  He is now gone and I wish the best to him. We never had great depth at this position.

This year we now have Asante Samuel who should be a playmaker.  It is about time we have a corner who can cover T.O. and Burress.  He is going to be a big piece of the puzzle this year.  We now have three solid corners that can get the job done.    The big plays should be reduced this year.

Defensive Line

Losing Jevon Kearse was a sign of relief for me.  The first year he played for the Eagles he was a run stopping machine.  But as time passed, he lost speed, motivation with all the injuries he has faced.  He never bounced back to the DE he used to be. The Eagles in 2007 never was a pass treat team that the front office envisioned before the start of the season.

Michael Patterson, Brodrick Bunkley will have better seasons in 2008 with more experience.   We now should have a defensive tackle spots that rotate with no drop off with Laws stepping up.  Monte Reager in his second season with the Eagles in more healthy and knows the system better and should produce.  Our ends should make more plays and give the opposing QB’s less time to make a decision.  That’s what was missing in 2007.   Pressure, Pressure, Pressure!!


More Plays People!!! The defense lacked plays when the really needed one. We gave up third downs and long plays.  This year we have a younger more aggressive players I believe will be a threat to the offense.  We need more sacks from the linebackers along with interceptions.   This group has more experience than last year and will only get better.  Fun football again!!!

Wide Receivers

The 2007 squad produced not enough deep ball touchdowns. With the DeSean Jackson on the Eagles we can hopefully see more big plays.  He is going to be our “Wes Welker”.  Maybe he is going to be a spark that the Eagles need in 2008.  We can only wait and see.  The whole group from last year can only improve from last year.  We made it to the NFC Championship game with Pinkston & Thrash.  Our group has more talent and speed.

Running Game

Brian Westbrook is the key to season.  We all know he is capable of making big plays and he will continue to do so.  Booker is going to open a lot of fans eyes this season.  He is a big treat with the ball. The opposing defense is not going to know who to cover Westbrook or Booker.  The defense can’t cover everyone other players like the TE open in space.


I am looking ready to start training camp and start a successful 2008 season.  It’s all about McNabb playing his best.  If he steps it up the team will move the ball and score.  The 2008 Draft class needs to play and help the team win games.  Keep your heads up and think positive and good things will happen.

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