Quotable: Eagles coordinators at camp

The Eagles coordinators took the stage on Sunday and didn't have a whole lot to say... As usual Jim Johnson was the most open and forthcoming interview in possibly the whole organization...

Marty Mornhinwheg on Westbrook's workload

Brian Westbrook, after the year when you look at all of the film, what a player that guy is. Brian Westbrook is a fabulous player. I'm just saying we needed to lean on him, we had to lean on him, and we were forced to lean on him just a little bit more last year because of several things. If we're healthy, we can spread it around a little bit more and be a little bit more dynamic. Now we were sixth on offense last year, I think the year before we were second. We were first in big plays two years ago, and then we went to sixth last year, I believe. So we went down just a touch in our scoring - there are a lot of factors in that one, though. We certainly could be more dynamic with everybody healthy."

All reports from mini camp talked about how many reps Lorenzo Booker took with the first team. It certainly looks like the plan is for him to be a significant part of the offense and that he'll be relied on to take some of the load off Westbrook. Marty also went on to say that the plan is to work in Booker and Westbrook together in some packages.

Jim Johnson  was immediately asked about the cornerback situation...

"I look forward to it every day. I'll tell you what; it's like having two Big Browns in the Kentucky Derby. You've got both those guys out there. I walk out there, I see (CB) Lito (Sheppard), I see (CB) Asante (Samuel), I see (CB) Sheldon (Brown). It's good. Those are good players."

On whether he's concerned about ego

I feel for all players. All players want to start. They are competitive. Lito is a good person. I'm glad he's here, I think he's handling it well. He's a good player. We brought another good player in; we brought in two good football players in the offseason. We don't know how that scenario is going to be, but of course he wants to play a lot and of course he wants to start. He's handling it pretty well. I know it's tough on him at times, but he doesn't show it in practice. That's the main thing."

On Sheldon Brown seeing some time at safety

A nickel cornerback has to be a physical-type cover guy. Even sometimes we have used Sheldon as a safety. We feel comfortable with that a little bit. It's not going to be every down, but it's going to be part of the package."

JJ also talked about how they play 3 corners at least 65% of the time(something Sheldon Brown repeated interestingly enough) and how that number could even go up... when you combine that with Sheldon playing safety in some packages it certainly seems like the pan is to get these 3 guys on the field as much as possible.

Rory Seagrest strongly implied that one way or another a rookie will be returning punts this season

 "(WR) Bill Sampy is back there, J.R. is still back there, (CB) Tanard Davis is a guy who we've put back and let him catch a few balls. We've got some pretty good backups. Right now we're trying to get DeSean and Quintin(Demps) as many reps as we can get those guys to get them comfortable back there, but we do have some down-the-line guys as well."

He also talked a bit about what made Desean Jackson so good in college.

"I think vision is a big part of it. DeSean is a guy who knows how to set up blocks. He has the acceleration to hit those creases once he identifies them. Again, he's a guy who, with his quickness, his speed, his vision, he's got the components to put together to be an effective returner for us."

Finally, how is our favorite Aussie progressing?

Sav has come a long way. We were out yesterday and he hit a bad ball and then turned right around and hit a 65-yard punt. I think the difference between last year and this year is that last year he was just feeling his way through. He didn't really trust in his techniques thoroughly. He didn't quite understand how to make those corrections. This year, he hit the bad ball, he turned around, he knew what he did wrong, and then he hit a good ball. I think that's the thing we're going to see this year. He knows how to make those corrections, and I think he'll get them made."

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