Eagles Notes: Dan Klecko, Chris Wilson, Hank Baskett, Eagles in Iraq

After checking out the minicamps, GCobb doesn't think Dan Klecko can be a full time fullback.

I hope the Dan Klecko as a fullback idea is more about saving a roster spot more than anything else.  You can't be serious to think that this guy is worth keeping as solely a fullback. He'll be effective as a blocker on short yardage and goalline but you shouldn't use up a roster spot for that. He doesn't have a skills to be a total fullback. If they're thinking he'll be able to help out as a fullback and defensive tackle then I see what they're talking about, but not as a fullback alone. The kid has a refridgerator on his back when he runs.

Kris Wilson is glad to be back at his tight end, where he feels he belongs...

"I was the backup fullback, so when the fullback went down, I was the next guy in,” he said. "So I played fullback.”

He says the word — fullback — with obvious disdain.

"I play tight end,” said Wilson, who signed a three-year deal worth $3.2 million. "I played tight end in college. I was drafted as a tight end. Even when I was playing fullback, I was still practicing tight end.”

And with the Eagles, once again, he's a tight end. Exclusively.

"I have a lot to show at tight end,” he said. "My hat goes off to Tony, he's a great player. We had a good relationship. He pushed me and I pushed him. ... But my opportunities have been limited up to this point.”

Hank Baskett is hooked on hockey.

"On TV, it’s not that interesting. But when you get to go and see it in person – oh man,” Baskett said. "The guy had two seats behind the goalie right up against the glass, and I was sitting there. I looked away for like two seconds, and they hit a slap shot. I almost jumped over the glass. I swear I saw someone’s face like mold into the glass.”

Baskett picked a good season to start following the Flyers. He attended all but one home playoff game – the lone playoff victory over the Penguins.

"Now that I've seen it in person, I can watch it on TV. People have explained the rules to me,” Baskett said. "Next year, I'm going all season long. I’m getting season tickets.”

Finally, some Eagles cheerleaders are headed to Iraq. Not to fight...

A troop of Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders is heading overseas for a 12-day tour of duty. The select group will be swapping the football field for the battlefield as they head to Iraq in support of the troops.

While the entire squad of 38 cheerleaders wanted to join the mission, five select members were chosen to perform a special routine for troops currently serving in the Middle East.

Apparently, one of the Eagles cheerleaders may well end up fighting in Iraq one day...

But Rachel Washburn has no fears as she is a ROTC cadet who is preparing for Airborne school in the summer.

"This a dream come true to be able to go to Iraq and really give something back to the troops, a family that I am going to be part of in a couple of years, I am just so glad to experience it from this end," Rachel Washburn said.

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