Andy Reid appears on WIP morning show

Some highlights

- Thinks Desean Jackson was the best WR in the draft "in terms of catching the football"

- He plays rookies when he thinks they're ready to play, thinks he has three this year that can play. It seems he counts Booker as one of those guys.

- They talk about Andy's snap at the media for only talking about the negative. Angelo askes if Andy understands why the media is negative, he blames it on the lack of a championship for 48 years(something he repeated several times). He also says the media and the city are seeing a decline in the team and that's making them negative. Reid responded by saying he doesn't see this and that Angelo is paid to stir up controversy. He jokingly(maybe?) suggested that the team and the media are partners because they're doing the games. Reid then challenged the WIP morning show to come out to practice and actually see the team and that if they did they'd come out feeling so much more positive. The sidekick then chimed in with a joke about Howard Eskin, implying that by coming to practice they would butt kissers. Hard to figure that one out...

- Angelo claims that he doesn't need to go to practice or talk to players because they never "give me much." He says Andy holds a lot of press conferences and doesn't say much. He claims that watching practice won't show him much. He asks Andy why he is not more open. Andy responds that he tells the media what they need to know and is as honest as he can be. Andy said that talking about the poor play of specific players publicly doesn't help them win.

- Angelo says the #1 concern of the fans is wide recievers and he doesn't understand Andy's philsophy about WRs. Andy gives a kind of generic answer where he says he likes the guys he has, they've added a guy that can help(Jackson), and that they all do different things. Andy blames the lack of production in the red zone on the lack of TE play they had rather than WR play.

- Angelo says he questions Andy's personal urgency to win now. Andy interupts and says "Stop, we're not waiting a year. We're going to win right now." Angelo asks if that's the case then why trade his first round pick? Andy says look at the package they got and the value they got in terms of Jackson and Laws. Hugh Douglas says they should have drafted Rashard Mendenhall or Kenny Phillips the safety from Miami. Andy said that's where evaluation comes in.

- Andy says that he hears that people wonder why if they spend so much money on CBs, then why not spend that same money on WRs? He says its the wrong wya to look at it. He's invested in playmakers. The corners are there not just to cover WRs, they're there to make plays and create turnovers. Andy says he sees all 3 corners he has as starters and that it's a "great situation." He doesn't understand why the media spent so much time focusing on the Lito situation. They respond by saying it's not the medias' job to be the Eagles PR team and only focusing on the positive, Andy says he understands that but at some point it's enough.

Hear the interview for yourself after the jump


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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