Best and Worst Games of the Season per Yahoo!

I love this guy, and I love that we end up in the Worst category 3 times.  I thought that some of our matchups would be pretty good since the divisional rivalry after last seasons 10-6 win in dallas bruised a lot of egos.  But I guess they don't get as much interest as some others.  Either way I love what he said.

Week 4:

"Worst: Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears. Thankfully, a lot of the rumors about Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb going to the Bears this season have died down. However, if McNabb plays as inconsistently in the first three weeks as he did much of last season, look for the rumors to rev up again going into this game. Not that the rumors make a whole lot of sense (McNabb is too talented to give up on right now), but this game could have a really stupid sideshow effect."

Understandable conclusion if you get caught up in the hype, but wait, I thought we were trading Donovan to Baltimore or was it Chicago?  Does the melodrama make it the worst game?

WEEK 11:

"Worst: Philadelphia Eagles at Cincinnati Bengals. Here's a hunch: The Bengals are going to be 3-6 or 2-7 heading into this game and Chad Johnson is going to be in full implosion mode. The Bengals open the season with six of their first nine games against Tennessee, the New York Giants, Cleveland, Dallas, Pittsburgh and Jacksonville. That's brutal. By the time they host Philly, Johnson will be hating everything about his team and here's a decent bet that he will turn on his teammates, such as quarterback Carson Palmer."

Show of hands, who thinks Ocho Cinco is going to implode this year, or rather, who thinks Ocho will act worse during the season than he does in the off season?

WEEK 13:

"Worst: Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have ended up in the worst game category three times, which really isn't attributable to them. They're a better team than that, but they do have some really ugly matchups and this is yet another one. Worse, this game is on Thanksgiving night, featured on the NFL Network. Why that is, I'm not sure. It's not like these teams are still division rivals. Anyway, it's going to be ugly. The Eagles defense is going to blitz the heck out of either Matt Leinart or Kurt Warner and neither will handle it well."

Damn I love that last sentence.  And what's more is the fact that it is true.  If the D-Line performs will this year and lives up to the hype, and the youthful linebacker core has the tenacity tempered with focus, I think we could crush any team with a moderate-to-weak O-Line.  I don't care how quick of a release the quarterback has.

Furthermore, I would have thought that at least one of the Dallas games would have made it on the list since it was one of the most observed rivalries in the NFL.  When Dallas plays the eagles on a sunday, everyone watches that game because its rough and it gets ugly.  Everybody likes to watch Witten get a tampon up his nose after taking a nasty hit.  And watching "America's Team" implode with Romo's current skank looking on, come on, it only makes for wholesome family fun.  But hey, what do I know.

Go Eagles.  

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