Week 15 Picks

[Note by cavortingEagle, 12/14/08 10:23 AM MST ] A buddy of mine and I have been picking the games straight up all season. At the end of the season, winner buys lunch. I currently stand to win a hamburger and thought I might share...

Easy Calls First

Chicago over New Orleans. This game is a tough call in actuality, but I see it finishing somewhere around 27-24. With Robbie Gould tying the score late, forcing the game to overtime and then kicking the game winner about 3 minutes into the extra session. Well done Rob.

Washington over Cincinatti. While Cincy actually plays the NFC East pretty tough, there's a reason they've only got one win and 1 tie: They can't score and they can't play D. That said, I like the Bengals to cover the 6.5, but still lose. Call it 17-14 Washington.

Indianapolis over Detroit. Arguably the worst game on the week 15 schedule. Peyton may well be resting for the second half in this game. Colts cover the 17 point spread, 42-17.

New England over Oakland. The only reason this game should be even remotely close is the fact that the Patsies have spent the week on the Left Coast. It's not enough though, I expect New England to cover. New England 28, Oakland 20.

Carolina over Denver. The Broncos get some good news this week. They're playing on the road. The bad news? Carolina rolled up almost 300 yards rushing against the Buc's run defense last week. I feel bad for the Bronco's injury situation, but this is football. The road warriors cover, but come up short. Carolina 31, Denver 28.

San Diego over Kansas City. The last time these two teams played the Herm went for the win rather than sending the game to OT with an easy PAT. I expect San Diego's players to come out fired up for this game, but Norv? I'll say it again, Norv? San Diego has the talent to cover, but will they? Yes, but it's not Norv's fault. San Diego 27, Kansas City 10.

Not Such Easy Calls

Miami over San Francisco. The only Left Coast team to win on the Right is the San Francisco 49'ers. The Tuna safe Dolphins pioneered my least favorite offensive wrinkle this year and I resent them for that, but the trip wins. Dolphins 15, Niners 14.

New York Jets over Buffalo. The Bills are this year's darling of the early season. The love's worn off. J.P. Losman throws 2 picks for each one Favre does. New York wins, but doesn't cover the 7 1/2. NYJ 20, Buffalo 14.

Atlanta over Tampa Bay. This pick hurts. I'm really, really rooting for the Bucs in this game, but can't get over the fact that Jeff Garcia is down for this game. Couple that with their pathetic showing against the run Monday night and the short week, I've gotta go with the Falcons to cover. Atlanta 23, Tampa 17.

Seattle over St. Louis. Not having Hasselbeck really hurts Seattle, but fortunately for them, they're playing the Rams. In their first meeting, the Seahawks rolled the Rams. This time not so much, but they still get the win covering the 2 and a half along the way. Seattle 17, St Louis 12.

Tennessee over Houston. Houston can fling it around, but they can't stop the run. What do you think Tennessee will be doing today? Tennessee covers and almost doubles up Houston in time of possession. Tennessee 21, Houston 17

Arizona over Minnesota. Minnesota really needs it's D to step up today. They are strong against both the run and the pass. If Minnesota is +2 in the turnover department it might be enough to overcome their quarterback deficiencies. That said, I don't think the Vikes will get any help from turnovers - give the points. Arizona 34, Minnesota 17

Really difficult picks

Green Bay over Jacksonville. I'm not trusting either one of these teams anymore. Jacksonville should have been better and Green Bay has been a conundrum all year. If I were a betting man, I'd take Jacksonville and the points. Green Bay 21, Jacksonville 20.

Baltimore over Pittsburgh. If you don't like Defense don't watch this game. I'm not entirely sure how either offense is going to score. Baltimore records 2 safeties and covers. Baltimore 4, Pittsburgh 0.

New York Giants over Dallas. This game will hinge on which team gets the early lead. If the Cowboys can put the turmoil of the last week behind them, they'll be able to lean on their D in the second half. The Giants don't have Brandon Jacobs, but the Boys may not have Marion Barber - that's a push. The Cowboys have the tools on offense to win this game, but the Giants Defense will confuse Romo and force him into 3 turnovers. Giants win 20 - 19 with Scott Norwood missing a field goal wide right as time expires.

The Eagles

The Eagles are favored by 14 in this game. Let's just say, I'm taking the points. I actually feel pretty bad for the Browns in this game. Ken Dorsey? Ugh. The Eagles will have a 21 point lead starting the third quarter and use the second half to work on their run blocking, running the ball 8 time for every 3 that they throw. This will allow Cleveland to climb back to a respectable 12 point deficit. Philly 35, Cleveland 23

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