Eagles at Seahawks: What they're saying

Todd Herremans talked about his unlikely touchdown catch.

Linemates were more anxious than Herremans, who teammates said was told bluntly in the huddle by McNabb, "There’s a possibility you might get the ball.”

"I didn’t think they’d call it, especially after I dislocated my finger,” Herremans said of the injury that occurred on the second series. "What were my thoughts? Don’t drop it. Actually it never crossed my mind.”

As usual, Sheldon Brown was taking things in context.

"That's cool," said the Eagles' right cornerback, after a win in which they forced Seattle to punt 11 consecutive times at one point.

"But they're beat up. They're banged up. They're kind of in a tough situation - they were rallying the troops, trying to find and figure their way. They're searching.

"We'll really see where we're at this week," Brown said.

When he says "this week" he's referring to the upcoming matchup with the Giants this weekend. Brown wasn't the only Eagle to turn his attention to NY when the game ended. Juqua Parker

"We knew what we needed to do," defensive end Juqua Parker said. "We stopped the run. They got their one big play on us. After that, we just played aggressive football . . . By far, I would say this was our best game. But we've got to continue this next week when we play the Giants. We've got to continue bringing the pressure."

Andy Reid talked about the mental toughness the team showed to get over the poor first 2 series of the game.

"Nobody panicked on the sideline," Eagles coach Andy Reid said after a 26-7 victory. "Everybody just kind of did their thing and settled down. I've been around teams that get a little nervous when things aren't going well. This crew is always encouraging each other, and they did the same thing today."

Brent Celek had a career day against the Seahawks, some of which he credited to McNabb but some he credited to the Seahawks' game plan.

"With the coverage they were giving us, I wasn't very surprised," Celek said when asked if he expected to be one of McNabb's favorite targets. "They were in man-to-man and you just have to beat your guy off the line, and Don was throwing a good ball. He threw a great ball today. He was on target, and I can't give him enough credit for what he did. On a few of them, I was a little surprised by the way they were covering: If you beat your guy off the line, there's a good chance you're going to get the ball," he said. "Just the way the coverage was, I was able to get the ball a little bit."

Reggie Brown also paid tribute to his QB

"Being down a touchdown on the road is nothing," Brown said. "Not when you got a veteran like Donovan. He's a calm guy. He doesn't get rattled."

Finally, McNabb also left the opposition impressed. Julian Peterson

"He is unbelievable," Peterson said. "Everybody forgets about him because he has been hurt the last couple of years, but he is still one of the best quarterbacks in the game."

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