I'm so tired of this...

I love the Eagles.  I love them.  On Sundays, I would love to be at every game, I would wait in line for hours if I had to, but I would definitely do that to be at every game in the Linc.

That being said...

I hate this.  I hate that before this game we've lost our other 3 games by a sum total of 14 points.  So the giants get to improve to 8-1 and we're 5-4 in the gutter with Dallas.  I hate that we have amazing players, we can nitpick as much as we want, but we have great receivers, a great quarterback, and an o-line that kept McNabb clean for most of the night.  So that being said, why is it that season after season we dump close games and can't seem to call the right plays TO GET OUR PLAYERS IN THE RIGHT SPOTS TO MAKE PLAYS...I hear ya Reid.

Show of hands, how many people saw those two running plays coming?  I was praying that he'd throw it, y'know why?  Because if he threw the ball and it was incomplete at LEAST you stop the clock, but no, you have a no-name fullback so you run it twice because you're afraid of a turnover.  You go conservative and once again you dump the game...I hate you Andy.  I hate your smirk that you have while we lose the game.  I hate that you make excuses for why we don't win.  But you know what I hate the most?  I hate that you get interesting at the beginning of the game, the wildcat was priceless, you take chances at the beginning of the game, you are aggressive at the beginning of the game but at 3rd and 2 you want to be conservative when that hasn't cut it at all.  We were getting those crossing routes open for most of the game, why don't you try that, or wait, why don't you go play action and throw for 3 yards?  But I digress...

I don't blame the defense for this, once again, this game has shown that when you can't sustain drives on the offense, you cannot rest the entire game on the defense.  I do admit that I would have liked to see fewer running yards, but our defense made the stops when it needed to and gave us the opportunity to win that game. 

WE could have won that game.  And that's the story of the last 3 or so year of the Eagles, especially last year and this year.  That's it.  That's the whole ball of wax, we are a team that could go 13-3 or 14-2 every season, but instead we don't take risks, we play conservative, we get hurt, and then we go 8-8, and thus far, 5-4. 

With the way this season is going, we will not make the Playoffs, and ya know why?  We are NOT a bad team.  Our players are potentially great, but as long as we cannot manage the game or play to our strengths which is the passing game, we are going to come up short and not win close games.  That's it, we can't win the squeekers and the Giants, the Redskins, the Titans, the Colts, the Patriots, and darnit even the Cards and Dolphins can.  Until we can win a close game we're nothing.

But I will say this, you're only as good as your record and the Giants are 8-1 and we're 5-4.  Our players, I believe, are great.  But as a team (including the coaching staff, minus Johnson) we suck...we have a winning record and we suck.

I love the Eagles and I always will, if I was a fairweather fan, or bandwagon jumper, or fickle, these losses wouldn't hurt half as much.  But they do.  I'll wear my colors tomorrow and hope that next sunday is better, and maybe one day, before I die, I'll see that Lombardi trophy being raised by silver and green hands. 

I've waited 26 years, I guess I can wait a little longer.

Go Eagles.

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