What the Eagles need to do to turn this around

We need to do ALOT


Wide Recievers: I think after the first two games we were tricked into thinking we dont need a #1 WR. Well we were wrong. Our offense hasnt done anything and we need a REAL go-to-guy for McNabb. We cant keep relying on McNabb to do little dump offs on BWest if noone can get open down field on 3-8 and 3-9. We need someone that is a sure catch. Not Reggie Brown who is the most bipolar player ever. Either he's playing decent or he's not. Not, DJack he's only a rookie and he needs to develop. Not Kevin Curtis he is a unreliable. We need a sure thing. Make a blockbuster trade...Lito for Roy Williams. Lions are in rebuilding mode and there dfense needs help. Perfect placement for that trade.

Tight End: LG Smith is not a reliable option. We need one that can CATCH and BLOCK. Brent Celek can only catch. He is disgusting at blocking.

Fullback: We NEED a real fullback. We cant have Tony Hunt who isnt really a big bustem um guy who can clear a hole. I liked where we were going with Dan Klecko. I want to see us revisit that. We need a guy who can push the pile on the goalline.

Defense: Dline. I think our Dline is undersized. Perfect example end of Washington game. 4th and 1 and the Skins line pushed ours bacvkwards right past the marker. We need atleast ONE big lineman to anchor the line. Our line IS decent. But, for goalline situations we need a big guy to just hold the line.

Linebackers: We need a cover linebacker. All year even in the Rams game the tightend has burned us. We need a backer that can cover. Akeen Jordan. maybe.  Give him more work covering in preseason to see where he's at. But we need someone to cover the TE. We cant keep getting burned by the TE..

Lito: Lito needs to be traded for a WR. He is a great CB but he is a distraction and needs to be delt with. Lito for Roy Williams

Im pretty happy with pur defense but those are a few things that have to happen to help this team.

Special Teams.

Akers: Im done with David Akers. He is dead to me. We have to draft a kicker or pick one up in free agent. David Akers is going to lose us a game with his inability to kick beyond 40.

Demps/Jackson : With Demps not really doing that great returning kicks i would maybe put DeSean there. See how he does. Maybe he's as dynamic there as with punts.


Coaching is the downfall to this team. I want Andy Reid to relinquish the playcalling to Marty. I am on the verge of firing Andy if i was coach. Andy Reid is running this team into the ground. Are offensive playcalling is disgustingly horrible. We need to blitz more, and we have to turn this thing around QUICK

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